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10 Facts about Carnival Masks

Facts about Carnival Masks are always associated with the carnival in Venice. Have you ever visited Venice, Italy before?

October 24th 2015 | Arts

10 Facts about Carl Werner

Check the interesting information about the German watercolor painter in Facts about Carl Werner. Werner was born on 4th

October 22nd 2015 | Arts

10 Facts about Caravaggio

Check the interesting Facts about Caravaggio in the following post. Between 1592 and 1610, he was an active painter

October 15th 2015 | Arts

10 Facts about Byzantine Art

Facts about Byzantine Art present the information about the works of art of Byzantine Empire. The end of the

September 24th 2015 | Arts

10 Facts about Brian Froud

Let’s find out the interesting Facts about Brian Froud in the below information. He was famous as the English

August 28th 2015 | Arts

10 Facts about Breakdancing

Find out the style of street dance by reading facts about breakdancing. In the past, this breakdance is called

August 26th 2015 | Arts

10 Facts about Bob Ross

Find out the information about the famous American art instructor, painter, and TV host in Facts about Bob Ross.

July 31st 2015 | Arts

10 Facts about Bob Fosse

Facts about Bob Fosse tell you about the notable American director, dancer, screenwriter, actor, film director, and musical theater

July 30th 2015 | Arts

10 Facts about Beryl Cook

In the following post below, you can check Facts about Beryl Cook. She was famous as an English artist.

June 20th 2015 | Arts
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