10 interesting Cheetah Facts

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Cheetah is the fastest mammal on a dry land and one of the gracious animals on savannah. It lives in Africa, part of Asia, and some people called it Acinonyx jubatus. Cheetah has view interesting fact to discuss and if you to study cheetah further you can start it from this post. This is 10 interesting facts about cheetah

1.Cheetah running speed

 10 interesting Cheetah Facts

Cheetah runs

Cheetah wins fastest land mammal title in the world, it can burst from 0 to 103 km per hour in mere 4 seconds and it can speed it up until 120 km per hour. Withal, cheetah is unable to keep their high speed more than 30 seconds. If they insist to push the speed, their lung will burst and kill them.

2.How cheetah drink ?

Cheetah drinks in three ways. They take it directly from the pool, they extract moisture with their nostril, and they take blood from their prey.

3.Cheetah lung

To get their prey, most time cheetah is running and enlarges their lung to collect more oxygen. During this event, Cheetah inhales 150 times per minute. Since respiration is a matter of life or death, cheetah cannot Inhale too quick or too slow.

4.Cheetah purrs

As a family of Cat, cheetah is not roaring like tigers or lions. Cheetah purrs to communicate and they use their Nonretractable claws under their paws and long tails to control the speed and steer their direction

5.Cheetah female

fact about cheetah Cheetah Mother Cubs 10 interesting Cheetah Facts

Cheetah Female and her cubs

After 2 years, one female cheetah is maturing and ready to breed. Commonly, one female cheetah mates with more than one male and she will deliver 3 until 5 cheetah’s cubs after gestates 3 months

6.Cheetah size

Minus the tail, cheetah is 3 ½ up to 4 ½ feet long. Male is commonly larger than female and it can be weighting from 75 up to 150 pounds. In the wild, Cheetah can live from 8 to a decade and in captivity, they can live from 15 up to 17 years.

7.Protected species

Cheetah is a protected species and in some countries, the population is already extinct. In the early 20th century, Cheetah was already vanished from the wild land of India but it is good news that the local government has been trying to repopulate cheetah since 1940

8. Cheetah Birth mark

Cheetah is destined to live on a grasslands or savannah together with herbivores. While they are cubs, their neck and shoulder has long grayish fur and manes. It will be gone after they mature and the only place where no spots available since the day they were born until the day they died is their belly.

9.Cheetah senses

Cheetah is fast runners and has awesome smelling sense and hearing. Beside speed, the best gift for cheetah is their sharp sights. Our eyes is no match compare to theirs

10. Pet Cheetah

Tamed Cheetah Ancient Egypt 10 interesting Cheetah Facts

Tamed Cheetah ancient Egypt

View ancient people tried to domesticate cheetah in 16th century. During ancient Egypt Empire on 1556-1605, Mughal Empire, Akbar the great pet a thousand cheetahs on their palace. Perhaps, view of them was eating Akbar’s prisoners. The old cheetah facts close our study about the animal and if you have something to say, you can use the comment box below.

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