10 Interesting Cyber Bullying Facts

Friday, May 13th 2011. | Technology

Be Bossy or Bullying now is almost unavoidable in the recent time. Internet spans the coverage of Bullying and it suffers most of our youth. With internet, one can bully or be bullied by other 24/7. On the post, we re going to read statistic of cyber bullying facts in the past view years.

1. Almost 42 percent of kids (Grade 6-10) have been a victim of online bullying from their friends at school. One out of four kids received bullying more than one from a same person

cyberbullying fact kid cyber bullying 10 Interesting Cyber Bullying Facts

Cyber Bullying Kids


2. Among the 42 percent, most common forms of internet bullying is being ignored and disrespected.

3. Internet bullying suffers most middle school students too. According to survey, 9 out of 10 middle school students received feeling hurt from online social network or chat.


4. Less than 25% of students (intermediate and advanced) who do not go to social network site or chat to bash or bully other students. Although the primary reason is joke, their bash is not always making their friend comfortable.


5. From 10 mid school pupil, 4 of them have had their social account password stolen or cracked. The cracker was none other but the bully himself who was then uses the account to post vulgar messages in order to shame the real account owner.

cyberbullying fact 10 Interesting Cyber Bullying Facts

Cyberbullying in Kid

6. Nearly 21 percent of our elementary students have received threatening messages on their e-mails, facebook wall or private inbox.

7. Psychological consequences and emotional of internet bullying is same as a real-world bullying effect. Worst, in internet space, there is no way to run. Real-life bullying might over after school ended but it is different with Cyber bullying that constantly online 24/7

8. Most location of internet bullying beside social network such as facebook is in Chat rooms. 56 percent of internet bullying victims are coming out from the room.

9. Girls suffer bullying 2 time more than boys. The bullies are other girl on her school or boys who did not get a chance to be her closest friend.

10. from 58 percent of kids on elementary and junior program who have suffered internet bullying:

Cyber Bully Cyber Bullying fact 10 Interesting Cyber Bullying Facts

Cyber Bullying fact report

35 percent of them shared with their parents, 9% of them shared with their teacher, and the rest percentage share their suffer with their friend, brother, sister and keep it for themselves.

10 Facts about Cyber Bullying above are only view real facts about internet bullying. Cyber Bullying is a barbarian. That is not a symbol of modernity.


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