10 Interesting Deforestation Facts

Monday, May 23rd 2011. | Environment

Deforestation facts is not a new topic this time. People cut trees to enrich themselves without thinking the consequences for other who live around the area. In the past, the number of people who deforested the forest was minor and they were much wiser than people in our time. Deforestation has many facts and here we are going to talk 10 of them.
Fact 1:

Deforestation fact 1 10 Interesting Deforestation Facts

Deforestation at Africa

Most popular effect of deforestation is the increase of Global warming, greenhouse gas emission, global climate, Carbon composition in the soil, the drop of oxygen levels, and biosphere imbalance.
Fact 2:
Most popular reason behind deforestation is industrial use or fuel, the expansion of agricultural grounds includes over exploitations, cattle farming, lumber and woodland experimentation. Deforestation has changed Green land to be a waste land afterward.
Fact 3:
Statistic has shown that rapid deforestation worldwide is not slowing down. It is predicted that by 2030. Biodiversity in Amazon would only 10% left compare to what we could find today. UNFAO has also stated that by 2050, total deforestation area worldwide would covers area as large as Asia sub continental.
Fact 4;
Every single year, some of us shave 8,5 million hectares of green tropical forest. Some people who are responsible to the action do not know whether the forests they cut are common land or unclaimed. Urbanization has also brought the deforestation worsen. More than 12 million acres of forest area turned to be open land because of it every year.
Fact 5:
deforestation fact Deforestation in Novo Pr 001 10 Interesting Deforestation Facts

Deforestation at Novo

Thanks to corruptions and industrial exploitations, Nigeria has lost 81 percent of its Greenland follows by Brazil 90-95 percent; continue by India, Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Congo and Ghana, which already lost more than 50% of its rainforest land.
Fact 6:
Deforestation influences water cycle transpiration to the atmosphere and it makes the climate has become drier; It makes the atmosphere become less moisture and reduced the water table quantity.
Fact 7:
Deforestation lowers the soil quality and it triggers soil erosion and flooding. Deforestation has increased the sub-surface flow and it often caused unexpected flooding to the lower ground.
Fact 8:
Without trees, soil on the upper ground tends to slide down. Root of the rainforest trees has many functions and some of them are keeping the fertile soil and binding the underlying bedrock. Landslides often caused severe damaged and we could find it almost every year in many states.
Fact 9:
Deforestation has messed up rich biodiversity on the forestland. Countless unclassified medicinal ingredients have permanently lost before we know what the benefit of it. Thousand herbs, rare animal and insect have lost because deforestation. For view monetary reason, millions other benefit have been wasted.
Fact 10:
deforestation fact illegal deforestation and land 10 Interesting Deforestation Facts

deforestation at MIDDLE LAND, Amazon

This is our last fact about deforestation. Deforestation has changed common people living standard. We are now depending on many logging and wood product. The endless demand of wood base commodity has turned the lumber industry has become sustainable resources, which seldom turned a common businessperson to be a monster.

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