10 Interesting Facts About Global Warming

Monday, April 11th 2011. | Environment

Although Global warming facts have divided us between two opinions, whether it is seriously big problems and biggest lies of all time, none of us deny the fact that our planet is getting harsher. The lands are less fertile, the water is not as fresh as used to, and our sun seems getting hotter every “New Year”. This is top 10 interesting fact about global warming. Most of them are scary and some of them are happening right now.

1. The lost of Great Barrier Reef

global warming facts Great Barrier Reef1 10 Interesting Facts About Global Warming

Great barrier Reef

When the atmosphere of the earth is warmer or when our sky showers too much carbon dioxide downward, the influence would make loads of us upset. One of the species that respond the change of climate change for the first time is coral reefs. Coral reefs are sensitive species and when temperature around them is 2 degree higher, they would die. Scientists have predicted that in the next 20 years, Great Barrier Reef will lose his entire reef if the atmosphere stays warmer every year. A man who predict this scenario is an Australian institute marine scientist Charlie Veron

2. Theoretically, our planet has a schedule back to an Ice age and return to Interglacial period, the opposite of ice age, approximately every 4,000 decades up to 100,000 years. Global warming speeds up the shift of schedule and it would difficult earth’s species to adapt the change. Our ecosystem would pay the cost and that will hurt us all.

global warming facts interglacial period 10 Interesting Facts About Global Warming

Interglacial period


3. Amazon will turn to be a desert

global warming facts amazon deforestation 10 Interesting Facts About Global Warming

Amazon deforestation

Other factor that speeds up global warming effect is deforestation and one of the biggest victims of a massive deforestation is Amazon. If we continue deforest Amazon, by the year 2050, one of the largest tropical jungle will turn to be a new largest savannah in the world. Few decades later, sun will dry them and Amazon will turn to be a desert.
4. Global warming is a like a knife. At one side, it turns some areas of the earth hotter or drier and turns other areas at the opposite direction wetter and colder. The impact will hurt all species that are not ready yet to life with such a drastic change.

global warming facts global warming effect 3 10 Interesting Facts About Global Warming

Global warming effect

5. Sahara Desert gets greener

global warming facts Green sahara 10 Interesting Facts About Global Warming

Greener Sahara

If Global warming is not slowing down, Sahara would probably greener and less violent than today. Recently, geographers, with the help of satellite, found that the surrounding areas of Sahara desert get more rainfalls and, compare to view years ago, those areas are visually greener. If this condition is stable, view decades ahead, we would probably see more animals on Sahara and they do not have to wait dawn to hunt.


6. Maldives will be gone

global warming facts maldives underwater hotel 10 Interesting Facts About Global Warming

Maldives Underwater illustration

It is not a new fact that global warming raises our sea level. View things that are not so popular are it will drown London and New York, submerge 2,100 Indonesian’s islands from map, and will drown the flattest and lowest country in the face of the earth, Maldives, with all their gorgeous white sand beaches, resorts, and bamboo houses. Where will Maldivian fee if their ocean eventually drowned them? The answer is unknown. Some would probably stay inside their underwater hotel or restaurant and some would probably be new boatmen.


7. Shrinking Scottish Lamb

global warming facts scottish lamb shrink 10 Interesting Facts About Global Warming

Scotish Lamb

Global warming has shrunk the size of sheep in Scottish island and it makes them lighter. Around 3 decades ago, the sheep in the island is two times heavier. This condition occurs as a response of warmer climate. Instinctively, the lambs feel unnecessary to reserve more fat for the winter because today’s winter is warmer and shorter. It is only one small sign that global warming does affect our food supplies.

8. Lost of Million species

global warming facts hungry polar bear 10 Interesting Facts About Global Warming

Hungry Polar bear

If global warming keeps moving in alarming rates, we would probably lost a million species that are now likely live in hunger. Polar bear is one of them. If you have a time to study them, you will find sad fact that they are now lighter, hungrier and smaller than their ancestors are.


9. Mayor catastrophes

global warming facts global warming effect 4 10 Interesting Facts About Global Warming

Global warming effect II

By 2100, if we did not slow our over-exploitations, our planet will boil us inside a 2-11 degree Fahrenheit atmosphere. This insignificant change will mastermind huge changes on our planet start from the lost of thousand coastal cities, refugee problems, food and drink problems, health problem and many more. It will probably be the end of days for all of us if we are health enough to live until that year.

10. Immense CO2 Blanket on the atmosphere

global warming facts MLO CO2 records 10 Interesting Facts About Global Warming

CO2 record at MLO

If we have a key to stop new pollutions fly to the atmosphere, to break down all greenhouses, and to emit all gas emission from the surface of the planet, the effect of Global Warming will not stop instantly. We have already deposited more than 6 trillion CO2 on our atmosphere. They are huge, dirty, unhealthy and they have unfinished business to warm our planet until view decades ahead or more.

Our last point close the post of top 10 global warming facts. One day I hope we will find short ways to slow the global warming effects and save our future.

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