10 Facts About Holocaust

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Holocaust gives millions of sad stories and view fact about them remained a nightmare for some who survived from the Terror. However, Holocaust gave many lessons to us and view-interesting facts about them are available on the following list. This is 10 interesting facts about Holocaust

1. The Rise of the Evil

holocaust facts Hitler 1933 10 Facts About Holocaust

Hitler inaguration 1933

Once Adolph Hitler took full charge in Germany in 1933, Holocaust was start effective immediately and it haunted the live of innocent Jews and Hitler’s opposition until 1945 after coalition forces beat the Nazi power.

2. Idea of Holocaust

holocaust facts holocaust 10 Facts About Holocaust

holocaust movie cover

Adolph adopted Holocaust from a Greek language “holokauston” which means, “Sacrificed by fire”. The target was to persecute the entire population of Jewish from Germany and the Europe included gypsies, homosexual, disabled person and Jehovah believers. In Hebrew, Holocaust is called Shoah, which is translated “waste, devastation or ruin”. Genocide is also alternative term to call Holocaust.

3. Number of Victim

holocaust facts holocaust victim 10 Facts About Holocaust

After Hitler fall, investigators found that 11,000,000 people had lost their live. 6 million of them were Jews and 1,1 million of them were children. Holocaust wiped estimated 2/3 of all living Jews in Europe.

4. Night of Broken Glass

holocaust facts do not buy from jew 10 Facts About Holocaust

Kristallnacht (stop buying from Jew)

April 1st, 1933 was the first day of Holocaust order and the target was to boycott Jews businesses. In September 15, 1935, a Nuremberg law was established and it limited German Jewish to merry non-Jews. Several years later, Hitler established new anti-Jewish policies and it cornered Jews on a position where they could not have a job in the government, they could not hang out on Parks, and they had difficulties to find synagogues to pray

5. David star emblem (mark who is the Jew)

holocaust facts do not jew yellow star 10 Facts About Holocaust

David star emblem

When World War II began in 1939, All Jewish were ordered to stitched yellow star emblem on their shirt so that Nazis could easily identified them and targeted them. View months later, before concentrations camps introduced, Ghettos were set as properties to group Jews in one place so that they could be controlled and monitored easily.

6. Ghetto (Last transit to the death)

holocaust facts ghetto 10 Facts About Holocaust

On the way from Ghetto to Concentration camp

A Ghetto was same as prison and Nazis built Ghettos in Bialystok, Lodz, Minsk, Vilna,Warsaw and Kovno. The biggest ghettos among all the ghetto was a ghetto build in Warsaw, which prisoned around 445,000 Jews and innocent people before April 1941. A Ghettos was a transit to concentration camp or death camp and it was administered by Judenrat (a Jewish council)

7. First Concentration camp

holocaust facts Dachau concentration camp 10 Facts About Holocaust

Dachau concentration camp

Dachau concentration camp was the first Nazi concentration camp and it imprisoned Nazis enemies started in March 20, 1933. From that year until 1938, most inhabitants of Nazi concentration camps were Hitler political enemies. It became center of desperate Jews started from 1939 after Hitler initiated Kristallnacht /”Night of Broken Glass” at November 9 and November 10, 1938

8. Inside Nazi concentration camps, Nazis forced prisoners to do inhuman physical labor and they did not threatened well. If they got sick they were beaten and often to death. Some Nazi doctors also used them as their sadistic medical experiments.

9. The Auschwitz

holocaust facts Auschwitz concentration camp 10 Facts About Holocaust


Hitler built concentration camps no other else than gathering Jews on concentration sites so that Nazi could exterminated them easily. The prisoner’s health and life was a battery to support Hitler passion of war and hatred. In Auschwitz alone, Nazis had exterminated 1,1 million people

10. Last day of the Prisoners

holocaust facts gas van 10 Facts About Holocaust

Nazi gas van

5 years enclosing to the fall of Hitler, Nazis had 6 extermination camps and some were functioned as concentration and extermination camps. -That dual function camp was Auschwitz and Majdanek and the rest concentration camps were Chelmno, Sobibor, Treblinka and Belzec.
-Once Nazis transported prisoners from transit camps, they herded those people and then asked them to before they told them to shower into a gas chamber or gas vans. Most already know the chamber would be the last place of their life.
The last point closed our topic of holocaust facts and I welcome you to use comment box to speak your mind.

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