10 Interesting Kentucky Facts

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Increase your knowledge of facts about the State of Kentucky with some brief, but essential facts, dates, the emblem and symbol information about this American State of Kentucky. Facts and details about its capital together with interesting historical facts about Kentucky.  Fast and concise facts and information about Kentucky:


1. The first Public Library in the US opened to African Americans was began in Louisville in 1905 African Americans in Library Professions: The Kentucky Connection.

Louisville Free Public Library 10 Interesting Kentucky Facts

Louisville Free Public Library


2. Kentucky’s Berea College was the first racially integrated college in The South Berea College.

Berea College 10 Interesting Kentucky Facts

Berea College

3. Both the Confederate and Union Presidents in the US Civil War were born in Kentucky, those being Jeff Davis and Abe Lincoln.

Jeff Davis and Abe Lincoln 10 Interesting Kentucky Facts

Jeff Davis and Abe Lincoln

4. Ex slave Garrett Morgan, a native of Paris KY, invented the Red-Yellow-Green traffic signal that’s now used throughout the world
African Americans – Garrett Augustus Morgan, Gas Mask and Traffic Signal Inventor.

Garrett Morgan 10 Interesting Kentucky Facts

Garrett Morgan

5. Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave is the LONGEST cave system in the entire world Mammoth Cave National Park (U.S. National Park Service).

Kentuckys Mammoth Cave 10 Interesting Kentucky Facts

Kentucky's Mammoth Cave


6. The University of Kentucky WT Young Library is the largest public college library  in the US.

 10 Interesting Kentucky Facts

The University of Kentucky WT Young Library


7. The Southern Exposition Fair, located where the present day Old Louisville neighborhood exists, was the first place in the world that the electric light bulb was shown to the public.

the Southern Exposition 10 Interesting Kentucky Facts

the Southern Exposition


8. Name of the State Song is ” My Old Kentucky Home ” the words and music by Stephen C. Foste.

Stephen C. Foster 10 Interesting Kentucky Facts

Stephen C. Foster


9. Daniel Boone’s Transylvania Company made the first permanent settlement in the area in 1775. By the Treaty of Paris (1783) the territory became part of the United States.

Daniel Boone 10 Interesting Kentucky Facts

Daniel Boone


10. Facts about kentuckyState Nickname – The Bluegrass State Bluegrass is mis-named as blue

 10 Interesting Kentucky Facts

The Bluegrass State

but in the spring the grass produces blue-purple buds which , from a distance gives the fields a blue appearance.

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