10 Interesting Pearl Harbor Facts

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Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941 is always an unforgettable tragedy in human’s history. It occurred not because force of nature but because of human interest to overcome the other and dominate them. Pearl Harbor attack holds memories, myths, and interesting facts that could be valuable lesson for all of us. This is 10 interesting Pearl Harbor facts 1941

1. Profile
Perl Harbor was the naval base and headquarters of United States Pacific Fleet and it has 10 miles square navigable area. In that time, Pearl Harbor has a nicknamed Gibraltar of the Pacific

pearl harbor facts bombing area 10 Interesting Pearl Harbor Facts

Pearl Harbor after bombed

2. The attack of Pearl Harbor made Britain and US declare war against Japanese empire. A day after the attack, World war II officially launched.

pearl harbor facts the attack1 300x224 10 Interesting Pearl Harbor Facts

Pearl Harbour Japanese Attack

3. Japanese Air fleet

The attack of pearl harbor consist of 2 waves air planes attacks involving 183 Japanese air fleet in 7:55 and 167 around one hour later. The Japanese air attack damaged 8 US Navy Battle ships, 188 airplanes, 3 unit destroyers, 3 unit cruisers and 1 minelayer. On the other hand, Japan only missing 29 aircraft from total 350 planes sent to attack the harbor

pearl harbor facts japanese naval aircraft 10 Interesting Pearl Harbor Facts

Japanese Naval Aircraft

4. Fail target:
View targets that Japanese failed to destroy was one fuel tank base and 3 US aircraft carriers, The Enterprise, Saratoga and Lexington. On the attack, Japanese soldiers killed 2,402 military,57 civilians and wounded 1,247 military and 35 civilians

5. The trigger of Japanese attack was mainly factor of economy, U.S embargo and declaration of Nazi and Fascist Italy to war US

6. As the consequences of the attack, beside of war declaration, General Walter Short and admiral Husband Kimmel were decommissioned from their position.

pearl harbor facts General Walter Short 10 Interesting Pearl Harbor Facts

General Walter Short

7. Took 90 minutes for Japanese air flights to reach Pearl Harbor and deploy their bombs. View minutes before the attack U.S private army locate large fleet on his radar and report it but one told him to ignore it because fleet of B-17s were scheduled to land in Harbor air base

8. As a response of the attack on December 8, 1941. Congress decided collecting vote to launch a war against Japanese. From all representatives, only Jeannette Rankin from Montana who vote not to go to war

pearl harbor facts Newspaper December 8 1941 10 Interesting Pearl Harbor Facts

US Newspaper December 8,1941

9. 4 US Battleships that suffered worst damages were USS Arizona followed by USS Nevada, USS Oklahoma, which was scraped and drowned on May 17, 1947, and USS West Virginia

pearl harbor facts USS Arizona Memorial Pearl Harbor Hawaii 1 1600x1200 10 Interesting Pearl Harbor Facts

USS Arizona Memorial

10. in May 30, 1962, 21 years after the tragedy, US government built a memorial monument over the wreckage of USS Arizona and use it as a commemorate center of American heroes every year. This is our last facts about Pearl Harbor and I will be glad to hear your comment related to the topic

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