10 Interesting Facts About Recycling

Wednesday, April 13th 2011. | Environment

Recycling contains countless benefit and if we do it right, we can save our planet from global warming without sacrificing our basic need or energy. On the following post, I am going to share view amazing recycling facts that I recently read from different sources.
Aluminum Can
1. If we do not recycle aluminum can we throw yesterday, it will be a pollutant for 500 years from now. Luckily, our government is already aware of it and every single day, aluminum cans are recycled and reused. A used aluminum can will be a new sterile can in mere 60 days.

recycling fact aluminum can lifecycle 10 Interesting Facts About Recycling

Aluminum Lifecycle

2. Every year, 80 billion aluminum soda cans are produced, wasted, recycled and reused. Aluminum never vapors. We can reuse it as long as we want.

recycling fact aluminum can 10 Interesting Facts About Recycling

aluminum can

3. When we recycle one aluminum can that is same as we save energy that came from 1/2 gallons of gas or energy to turn our TV for 2 hours, and running our computer for 3 hours
4. Literally, we never waste aluminum cans, base on EPA reports, there is only 1% of aluminum can that can be found in US waste stream.

recycling fact aluminum can reproduction 10 Interesting Facts About Recycling

Aluminum can reproduction process

5. If Sunday New York time stop releasing newspaper for a day, that equal to saving 75 thousand trees.
-If Sunday newspaper stopping their operation for 7 working days, 500,000 trees can live a weeklonger.

recycling fact recycle paper 10 Interesting Facts About Recycling

Recycle paper

-If we recycle all newspaper, which we have read in one year, that means we have lengthen the live of 250 million trees a year longer.

Grocery bag/paper
6. If we could retrieve 700 grocery bags, we can see a new 15 years old green tree grows reborn from its death.
7. In US, one American uses around 680 pounds every year. If we count all people who live in US, they consume about 85 billion tons of paper a year.

recycling fact grocery bags 10 Interesting Facts About Recycling

Grocery bags

8. Recycling one tons of paper equal to save 17 adult trees, clean 3 cubic yards landfill area, unused 7000 gallons fresh water, keep 1438 liters of oil, and conserve 250 pounds of CO2 to dirt our atmosphere
9. American is the biggest trash producer in the world. In Average, one American waste 1,609 pounds of waste every year. In other words, we could say that 5% world’s populations have wasted 40% of total number of waste on the planet.

recycling fact american biggest landfill 10 Interesting Facts About Recycling

US Biggest Landfill

-The biggest landfill in US is Las Vegas: the Apex Regional landfill located at the north of the city. The size is 2,200 acres and it receives around 9,000 tons of trashes every day. It is estimated that the space will be enough to house American’s waste around Sin city for 2 centuries

10. Every time we buy a new thing, 1% of it is gone to cover packaging and that would go to trash. Every hour, Americans waste about 2,5 million bottles every hour and 25 billion Styrofoam cups each year

recycling fact 2 million plastic bottles 10 Interesting Facts About Recycling

2 Million Plastic Bottles ready to be recycled

These 10 facts about recycling are only view from thousands amazing fact about recycling and I need your help to find it. Please use comment box below to help me.

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