10 Facts about Elijah McCoy

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Facts about Elijah McCoy present the information about an African American inventor. He was also known as an engineer. McCoy was born on 2nd May 1844 and died on 10th October 1929. People recognize him due to his invention on the lubrication of steam engines. He earned the 57 United States patents for the work. The birthplace of McCoy was located in Canada. He was born free. Let us find out other interesting facts about Elijah McCoy below:

Facts about Elijah McCoy 1: living in United States

McCoy was born as a free man in Canada. In 1847, his family decided to return to United States. At that time, Elijah was only a young kid. Then his family became the resident and citizen in United States.

Facts about Elijah McCoy 2: the birthplace

The birthplace of McCoy was located in Colchester, Ontario.

Elijah McCoy

Elijah McCoy

Facts about Elijah McCoy 3: parents

His parents were George and Mildred McCoy. His parents reached Canada from United States through Underground Railroad. Both of his parents were the fugitive slaves from Kentucky.

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Facts about Elijah McCoy 4: arriving in Colchester Township

In 1837, his parents reached in Colchester Township of Canada after the escape.

Facts about Elijah McCoy

Facts about Elijah McCoy

Facts about Elijah McCoy 5: the number of siblings

Elijah had a very large family since she had 11 siblings. The birthplace of ten of them was in Canada. In 1859-1860, his family relocated to Ypsilanti in Michigan. It was based on the report of Census in USA in 1870, land deeds of sale and Tax Assessment Rolls in 1860.

Facts about Elijah McCoy 6: education

Let us check the education of McCoy. Because of 1850, Common Schools act, Elijah McCoy had to attend black schools of Colchester Township. In 1850, the schools in Upper Canada were segregated. He had his apprentice in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1859. At that time, he was only 15 years old. He earned as a certificate as a mechanical engineer from Scotland.

McCoy Pic

McCoy Pic

Facts about Elijah McCoy 7: return to United States

McCoy lived again with his family after he returned to United States from Scotland. At that time, his family has founded a tobacco and cigar business due to the skill of his father was a tobacconist.

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Facts about Elijah McCoy 8: the early career

Though McCoy was certified as a mechanical engineer, he only became a fireplace and oiler. He had a high-end work when he worked as a home based machine shop located in Ypsilanti. He had to do inventions and improvements.



Facts about Elijah McCoy 9: invention

The famous invention of McCoy was the automatic lubricator for steam engine. He earned the US patent for the invention in 1872.

Facts about Elijah McCoy 10: praise

The black community praised McCoy due to his invention and creativity. During his life, he had 57 patents.

Elijah McCoy Facts

Elijah McCoy Facts

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