10 Facts About AAGPBL

Wednesday, July 16th 2014. | Sports

If you are not quite familiar with AAGPBL, it actually stands for All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. The professional baseball league was started in 1943 and had to end in 1954. There are more interesting facts about AAGPBL that are worth of reading and you might want to read the rest of this passage for that particular purpose.

Facts About AAGPBL 1: The Names of The League

In the first year of the competition, the league was called the All-American Girls Softball League and the name only lasted until 1946 before it was replaced with the All-American Girls Baseball League. The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League or AAGPBL was emerging in 1949. AAGPBL was only used for a couple of season only before the league decided to adopt the moniker of the American Girls’ Baseball League until 1954.

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Facts About AAGPBL 2: The Role of Philip K. Wrigley

In 1943, the second world way was still going on, most of the baseball’s male players were called to attend military service. In order to maintain baseball in the public eye in the Midwest, Philip K. Wrigley initiated to held a professional baseball league for all-American girls. The prominent figure was also known as the owner of the Chicago Cubs.



Facts About AAGPBL 3: Arthur Meyerhoff Ownership

Right after the baseball season in 1944, Arthur Meyerhoff managed to take over the ownership of the baseball league. He was also known as an advertising executive in Chicago. The first president of the league, Sells, was then replaced by Max Carey.

Facts About AAGPBL 4: Being An Independent League

In 1950, the professional baseball league became independently operated since the team directors decided to take over the ownership from Arthur Meyerhoff.

First Four AAGPBL

First Four AAGPBL

Facts About AAGPBL 5: Turn Down All The Existing Predictions

From the first time it was held, many people predicted that AAGPBL would not last for many years. However, the women’s professional baseball league in the country managed to stay existed until 1954. Nobody had ever predicted that this league would last for quite so long despite all the issues during the competition.

Facts About AAGPBL 6: The Rules of The Game

At the first season of this baseball league, the softball rule was used in every match. It took about a few years of adaptation before AAGPBL got back to its nature and all the games played in the league were using identical rules to men’s baseball.

Racine Belles Championship team

Racine Belles Championship team

Facts About AAGPBL 7: Twelve Seasons of Competitive Seasons

Despite the fact that this women’s professional baseball league is not as popular as some other national league in the country like NBA, NHL or NFL, AAGPBL was successfully held for about twelve seasons.

Facts About AAGPBL 8: The Declining Attendance

In 1950, there were a number of Major League games were televised and minor games managed to restart their competition. The declining league’s attendance was mostly associated to those events.

Joanne Winter

Joanne Winter

Facts About AAGPBL 9: The Restricted Rules

All the players of the league were obliged to play under a number of strict rules like wearing short skirts and lipstick, having long hair and no trousers at all times.

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Facts About AAGPBL 10: Charm School was Involved

Many players were sent to charm school so that they could properly represent the professional baseball league

Bronze Sculpture

Bronze Sculpture

There are many other interesting facts about AAGPBL that are worth of finding out, hopefully, all those stated facts above could give you a better insight about the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.