10 Facts About Aaliyah

Monday, October 27th 2014. | Music

There are numerous successful female R&B singers out there and reading interesting facts about Aaliyah is certainly worth of our time since this lovely girl managed to have unforgettable stories in various industries. Not only that Aaliyah was a successful American R&B singer and dancer, she also managed to become a popular figure in acting and modelling world. You might want to keep on reading this article to find more facts about this beautiful and charming girl.

Facts About Aaliyah 1: Her Real Name

Aaliyah was born on January 16, 1979 in Brooklyn, New York. Before she got famous with her stage name, her parents named her as Aaliyah Dana Haughton.

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Facts About Aaliyah 2: Started Her Career at Very Young Age

Aaliyah was provided with a singing contract with Jive Records and Blackground Records when she was only 12 years old. Barry Hankerson was believed to be one behind these agreements.

Aaliyah Picture

Aaliyah Picture

Facts About Aaliyah 3: Performing National Anthem

Should you are a big fan of Aaliyah love to listen to her songs, you should be aware that she had a vocal range of a soprano. Aaliyah was pointed as the live performer of the National Anthem at Orlando Magic game in 1995.

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Facts About Aaliyah 4: Her Memorable Achievements

Aaliyah had managed to come up with a number of amazing records such as number one R&B hits, top 10 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 and number one pop hit. She also managed to sell over 34 million records worldwide

Studio Album 1994

Studio Album 1994

Facts About Aaliyah 5: Precious Acknowledgment

An eminent figure in the recording industry, Dimitri Ehrlich from Entertainment Weekly has admitted that Aaliyah was gifted with silky vocals that are more agile than Mary J. Blige.

Facts About Aaliyah 6: Successful Model and Actress

Not only that Aaliyah was well known for her amazing vocals, she was starring a couple of Hollywood movies and modeled for Tommy Hilfiger.

Studio Album 1996

Studio Album 1996

Facts About Aaliyah 7: Died at A Very Young Age

In 2001, a tragedy happened and Aaliyah had to end her life adventure over a plane crash. She was only 22 years old when the plane crash took her life.

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Facts About Aaliyah 8: Her Legacy

The United States Social Security Administration has noted the name Aaliyah in the 100 most popular names for newborn girls in the country. In Arabic, Aaliyah is the equivalent or highest, most exalted one and the best.

Studio Album 2001

Studio Album 2001

Facts About Aaliyah 9: Aaliyah and George Harrison

Aaliyah managed to work hand in hand with former Beatles George Harrison to produce back-to-back posthumous number one hits in the UK Chart History in January 2002.

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Facts About Aaliyah 10: One of The Sexiest Artists

In 2003, her name was listed in the 100 Sexiest Artists released y VH1. She was also ranked as one of The Top 40 Women of the Video Era. Other than that, Aaliyah was only 19 years old when she performed at the Oscars. That makes her as the first and the youngest African-American ever performed in that precious event.

Resting Place: Ferncliff Cemetery

Resting Place: Ferncliff Cemetery

Despite the fact she has gone, knowing more about Aaliyah will always be worth of our reading time. Hopefully that the facts about Aaliyah cited above can bring that much closer to this beautiful figure.