10 Facts about Aardman Animations

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Facts about Aardman Animations elaborate the detail idea about one of the biggest studio companies in the world. It is located in United Kingdom. Many people often call with a simple name Aardman. People are impressed with their computer animation movies. Let’s get more facts about Aardman Animations by reading the following post below:

Facts about Aardman Animations 1: Aardman Animations, Ltd

Aardman Animations, Ltd is the official name of Aardman Studios. The company is situated in Bristol, United Kingdom. Why don’t you grab a visit to Aardman Studios when you are in Bristol?

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Facts about Aardman Animations 2: the fame

Aardman Studio is famous in the world because of the unique movie.  The stop motion clay animation technique is called as their signature when creating movies. You can find this technique when the studio creates the plasticine characters of Gromit and Wallace.

Aardman Animations Ideas

Aardman Animations Ideas

Facts about Aardman Animations 3: Flushed Away

Flushed Away was an animation movie released by Aardman Studios in 2006.  The movie marked the entrance of Aardman Studios to the computer animation market.

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Facts about Aardman Animations 4: foundation

At first, Aardman Studios was a small and low budget company. Peter Lord and David Sproxton who only had low budget established the company in 1972. Both had a dream to create animated motion picture.

Aardman Animations Movies

Aardman Animations Movies

Facts about Aardman Animations 5: BBC

It seems that the popularity of the company lies on BBC partnership for the early project.  A segment called Greeblies released in 1975 in BBC series with the title Vision On used the clay animation from this studio.

Facts about Aardman Animations 6: adult animation

There were more projects that Sproxton and Lord had to handle.  Down and Out and Confessions of a Foyer Girl marked the entrance of this studio in adult animation. It made to the entrance in BBC.

Aardman Animations Pic

Aardman Animations Pic

Facts about Aardman Animations 7: music videos

Aardman Animations also produced music videos.  The song of Peter Gabriel, Sledgehammer was supplied by the animation from this studio.

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Facts about Aardman Animations 8: Nina Simone

Another singer whose music video filled with animation by Aardman was My Baby Jus Cares for Me by Nina Simone. It was released in 1987.

Aardman Animations UK

Aardman Animations UK

Facts about Aardman Animations 9: Oscar

It was very surprising to know that Aardman also won Oscar with Creature Comforts.

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Facts about Aardman Animations 10: Wallace and Gromit

Wallace and Gromit were the most popular clay characters from the studio. Both were best friends in the movie.

Aardman Animations

Aardman Animations

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