10 Facts about Aardvarks

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If you are interested to find out the animal with the body shape of a pig, you have to check out facts about Aardvarks. This animal is also characterized with a kangaroo’s tail and rabbit like ears. However, Aardvark has nothing to do with any pig, kangaroo or even rabbit. Actually it has a close relation with the biggest mammal in the world, elephant. Check out more ideas about Aardvark in the below post:

Facts about Aardvarks 1: name of Aardvark

We should check out the origin of Aardvark’s name. Actually it is taken from the Afrikaans language from South Africa. The meaning of Aardvark is ground pig or earth pig. Some people also define the word as cape anteater, earth hogs or anteater.

Facts about Aardvarks 2: nocturnal animal

Aardvarks are a type of a nocturnal animal. It means that they will gather food after the sunset comes. They will wander of the grassland to pick up food. The animal will use a long nose to find out the scent of termites.

Aardvarks Facts

Aardvarks Facts

Facts about Aardvarks 3: digging the underground

If you check out the body of Aardvarks, you can see the powerful claws and feet. They remind you with the shape of a spade. The main function of this powerful claw is to dig the burrows and find out the termites.

Facts about Aardvarks 4: termites

The favorite diet of Aardvarks is termites. Do you know that in one night, it can trap at least 50,000 termites?  It has a very long tongue at 3.5 cm. It is used to trap the termites because the tongue is very sticky.

Aardvarks Image

Aardvarks Image

Facts about Aardvarks 5: sealing the natural

Another surprising feature on the body of Aardvarks is seen on their ability to seal the nostril.  This ability allows the animals to avoid the insects and dust affecting their snout.

Facts about Aardvarks 6: predators

There are some wild animals in the world which like to hunt and eat aardvarks. Those include hunting dogs, leopards, lions, pythons and hyenas.

Aardvarks Pic

Aardvarks Pic

Facts about Aardvarks 7: escape

Aardvark will escape from the predators by running zigzag or by hiding inside a burrow.

Facts about Aardvarks 8: the main burrow

Aardvark can have some burrows. The main one usually is very deep and extensive. The main purpose is for breeding.

Aardvarks Pictures

Aardvarks Pictures

Facts about Aardvarks 9: African folklore

If you read the African folklore, you must be impressed that Aardvark is highly appreciated due to his lack of fear of soldier ants and smart food hunting.

Facts about Aardvarks 10: the Latin name

Can you tell me the Latin name of Aardvark? It is Orycteropus after.



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