10 Facts about Aaron Douglas

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Those who love with African American arts should check Facts about Aaron Douglas. Douglas was famous during the Harlem Renaissance due to his amazing talent and skill as an illustrator and painter. He was also an educator. Douglas was born on 26 May 1899 in Topeka, Kansas and died on 3 February 1979. His parents were Elizabeth and Aaron Douglas.

Facts about Aaron Douglas 1: the interest for art

Douglas was interested with art since he was a child. His mother was supportive with his talent. Get facts about Doris Humphrey here.

Facts about Aaron Douglas 2: education

In 1917, Douglas graduated from Topeka High School. In 1922, he graduated from University of Nebraska with a B.F.A.  In 1923, he graduated from University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

facts about aaron douglas

facts about aaron douglas

Facts about Aaron Douglas 3:  the experience at University of Nebraska

He stated that he was the only black student in University of Nebraska when he won a prize for drawing. However, Aaron earned a great popularity among the students and people in the faculty due to his friendly and sturdy attitude.

Facts about Aaron Douglas 4: the Victorian attitudes

When he was educated in the school, he felt constricted because the usage of naked model was not allowed. He believed that the school still applied the Victorian attitude. Check facts about Diego Rivera here.

power plant by aaron douglas

power plant by aaron douglas

Facts about Aaron Douglas 5: The Harlem Renaissance

Douglas was associated with Harlem Renaissance due to his work in The Crisis and Opportunity where he worked as an illustrator. He had the job after moving to Harlem, New York City in 1925.

Facts about Aaron Douglas 6: Winold Reiss

Winold Reiss was a famous German artist who taught Douglass. He studied the modernist style from Reiss.

Facts about Aaron Douglas 7: the personal life

Alta Sawyer and Douglas married in 1926. The couple resided in Harlem where their home was largely opened for the Harlem Renaissance writers and artists.

Facts about Aaron Douglas 8: the attention of the notable African American leaders

The famous African Americans like Dr. Locke and W.E.B. Du Bois were attracted with the works of Douglas for he celebrated the folk culture and heritage of African Americans.

Facts about Aaron Douglas 9: the title

Douglas earned the title as the Father of African American Arts for most of his works drew inspiration from African culture.

Facts about Aaron Douglas 10: a son of Africa

Douglas preferred to be called as a son of Africa rather than Father of the African American Arts.

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