10 Facts about Abacus

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One of the ancient tools widely used by the people is explained in Facts about Abacus.  Many people call it as the earliest version of computer. It is often used by Chinese people when they want to count.  The first appearance of Abacus was spotted around 2700 till 2033 BCE in Mesopotamia. Let’s find out more facts about abacus in the post below:

Facts about Abacus 1: Herodotus

Herodotus was called as the Greek historian who mentions the usage of Abacus in 460 BCE. In 300 BCE, the oldest counting board was made. In 1846, the modern people found this oldest abacus in the Greek Island of Salamis.

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Facts about Abacus 2: suanpan

When we talk about abacus, we always remember the Chinese people. In their everyday life, the abacus cannot be separated. Suanpan was the Chinese version of abacus. The documentation of the usage was reported in 200 BCE.

Abacus Facts

Abacus Facts

Facts about Abacus 3: the roman abacus

People cannot find out the first creation of Roman abacus. But the archeological evidence suggests that it was created in 100 CE. The pebbles called calculi will be moved on a smooth table for a method to use the Roman abacus. Calculi on the Roman abacus were used to name the calculus.

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Facts about Abacus 4: Chinese abacus and influence

The Chinese abacus influenced other Asian countries. The Korean people adapted the Chinese abacus in 1400 CE.  It was called jusan, supan or jupan.  Soroban was the Japanese abacus imported from Chinese in 1600 CE.

Facts about Abacus

Facts about Abacus

Facts about Abacus 5: Russian abacus

The Russian abacus was imported to France in 1820s.

Facts about Abacus 6: calculators

With the modern technology found on the micro calculators, people began to leave Russian abacus in 1974.

Abacus Red

Abacus Red

Facts about Abacus 7: abacus teaching

Since the Russian abacus was not popular anymore, most schools in Soviet Union did not teach the students with abacus in 1990s.

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Facts about Abacus 8: Japanese soroban

Japanese soroban is the abacus version of Japan. Even though people can use calculators or computers, the elementary schools in Japan still teach abacus to the students in 2000s.

Abacus Type

Abacus Type

Facts about Abacus 9: terms

When you want to call the person who uses abacus, call him or her an abacist. The plural form for the world abacus is abaci.

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Facts about Abacus 10: material

Most abaci that you can find today are created from bamboo frames with wires and beads.



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