10 Facts about Abalone

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You can get a full explanation about the most popular edible sea snails by reading Facts about Abalone.  Abalone comes in various sizes. You can get it in medium to large size. This edible sea snail gets the name from the Spanish word. It is included the genus Halitois and the family Halitoidae. If you are interested to know more about abalone, get the full facts below:

Facts about Abalone 1: the common names

We often use the word abalone when we call this marine gastropod mollusk. But it also has some popular names based on the regions. The people in Jersey call abalone as ormer. In South Africa, we call it perlemoen. The people in Australia call it muttonshells, muttonfish, Venus’s ears and ear shells.

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Facts about Abalone 2: species

It is not easy to define the exact number of abalone species. But we believe that it has 100 species in the world.

Abalone Facts

Abalone Facts

Facts about Abalone 3: the shells

The main body structure that you can find in abalone is located on the shells. It is used to protect the inside soft body.  You can find some respiratory pores at the outer edge of the shells. The shape is in open spiral structure.

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Facts about Abalone 4: attractive shell

The flesh of abalone is very delicious. You can eat it anytime you want. The shell does not have to be plunged away. Many people use the attractive shell as decorative objects. The mother of pearl comes in various colors such as red, green, blue, and white.

Abalone Pictures

Abalone Pictures

Facts about Abalone 5: colors

As I have stated before, there are many colors of shells.   It is varied based on the species of the abalone. The lines located through Halitois iris come in greens, purples and deep blues.  The lines inside the shells come in green red, red, or pink.

Facts about Abalone 6: abalone farming

Due to the high demand of abalone, people create the abalone farming. It was very popular in Japan and China at the end of 1950s and the beginning of 1960s.



Facts about Abalone 7: abalone farming purpose

The main purpose of abalone farming is to meet the need of the commercial consumption of abalone in the world. There is no need to wonder that many successful endeavors can produce lot of high quality abalones since the mid 1990s.

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Facts about Abalone 8: the abalone farming in the world

The countries which have great abalone farming include Taiwan, China, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, United States and many more.



Facts about Abalone 9: Japanese food

The people in Japan use abalone to make awabi sushi.

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Facts about Abalone 10: California

If you are in California, the abalone is often spotted on a pizza.

Facts about Abalone

Facts about Abalone

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