10 Facts about ABBA

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Facts about ABBA give the detail information about the famous four Swedish singers. This group was very popular in the world.  It seems that they never imagined getting fame and popularity before they took the chance to compete in a Eurovision Song Contest.  They took home the Grand Prix after becoming the winner. Check out more about ABBA here:

Facts about ABBA 1: the glam and outrageous outfit

If you check the official the video clips or even official photo book of ABBA, you can view the outrageous and glam outfit. The four singers never look plain and simple. They always look different and unique when performing on stage.

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Facts about ABBA 2: A brand of seafood

The name of the group was similar with the name of a seafood brand, ABBA. In 1838, the company was established. The main products sold in the company included ABBA pickled herrings and Kalle kaviar.

ABBA CLothes

ABBA CLothes

Facts about ABBA 3: name of the grope

Even though they know that they will share with the similar name with the brand of seafood, it did not stop the members to use the word ABBA. Actually it stands or the initial name of the members: Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Anni-Frid.

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Facts about ABBA 4: Agnetha Fältskog

Agnetha Fältskog got his first stage debut when she was five years old in 1956.  The Christmas show was held by his father, Ingvar. She was very embarrassed and confused when the waistband of her knickers broke.

ABBA Facts

ABBA Facts

Facts about ABBA 5: Swedish

When we talk about ABBA, we always say that the band was Swedish. Actually not all members in the band were Swedish. Anni-Frid Lyngstad was born in Bjørkåsen, Norway on 15th November 1945.

Facts about ABBA 6: Lasse Hallström

Lasse Hallström is the famous Academy award winner for the best Director for The Cider House Rules and My Life as a Dog.  Do you know that this Oscar winner directed ABBA’s video?



Facts about ABBA 7: ads

There are many advertisements that ABBA has done. The band promoted Semper. It was a baby food company.

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Facts about ABBA 8: The Best of ABBA

The Best of ABBA was a TV show in Australia in 1976.  The rating was very high and it could beat the rating of the moon landing in 1969.



Facts about ABBA 9: Festfolk

Before the band was named ABBA, it was called Festfolk.  It was a Swedish word which means party people. But the report in 1970s stated that the word is similar with fastfolk which means engaged couples. We know that the members of this band were couple.

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Facts about ABBA 10: Gold

Gold is one of greatest hit albums of ABBA.

Facts about ABBA

Facts about ABBA

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