10 Facts about Aberdeen

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Facts about Aberdeen provide the information about the famous cities in Britain. Actually there are more than 30 places in the world called Aberdeen. It was founded in 1136. This city houses the oldest Britain business in the world, Aberdeen Harbor Board. If you want to know more about Aberdeen, check out the following post below:

Facts about Aberdeen 1: Footdee

Footdee was the famous fishing village in Aberdeen. The village was moved in 1808 because of the residents’ request and the harbor expansion project at that time.

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Facts about Aberdeen 2: Sir David Gill

Sir David Gill was the famous Aberdonian astronomer. He could take the first successful picture of a comet in 1882.  He called it Great Comet of 1882. Do you know that his name was used to call the Moon’s Gill Crater?

Aberdeen City

Aberdeen City

Facts about Aberdeen 3: the transport company

One of the oldest documented transport companies in the world is located in Aberdeen. It was established in 1498 as The Shore Porters Society of Aberdeen.

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Facts about Aberdeen 4: Union Street

You can also find out the Union Street. The name of the street is used to commemorate the union of Ireland and Britain.

Aberdeen Homes

Aberdeen Homes

Facts about Aberdeen 5: the largest carillon

The largest carillon in Britain is located in the Kirk of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen. There are 48 bells located inside the building.

Facts about Aberdeen 6: medieval coins

The medieval coins are very favorable for the collectors. Actually you can find out more medieval coins than any other places in Britain.

Aberdeen Images

Aberdeen Images

Facts about Aberdeen 7: Aberdeen granite

Aberdeen granite can be used for various purposes. It can be used to create a building. Do you know that the Terrace of the houses of a parliament and waterlook bridge is made from Aberdeen granite?

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Facts about Aberdeen 8: the oldest newspaper

One of the oldest newspapers in the country was established in Aberdeen. It is called as the Aberdeen Journal painted for the first time in 1748.

Aberdeen Union Street

Aberdeen Union Street

Facts about Aberdeen 9: electric motors

At the beginning of 19th century, one of the famous Aberdonians, Robert Davidson developed his major works on electric motors.

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Facts about Aberdeen 10: the envelope production

Aberdeen was called as the leading envelope production at the end of 19th century.

Facts about Aberdeen

Facts about Aberdeen

The development of the self seal envelope is also located in the city. Are you impressed with facts about Aberdeen?

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