10 Facts about Aberfan

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Facts about Aberfan give the surprising information about the catastrophic collapse located in the small village of Aberfan. It is one of the famous disasters in the history which involved a colliery spoil tip. There were 28 adults and 116 children killed during the Aberfan accident on 21 October 1966. Check out more information about Aberfan in the following post below:

Facts about Aberfan 1: the causes

Let me shows you the cause of Aberfan disaster.  The water accumulated on the shale and rock was slide down onto the hill and hit the village located at the bottom. In just minutes, the village was covered with more than 40,000 cubic meters or debris.

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Facts about Aberfan 2: death

The people died mostly because of the suffocation. The young children and teachers died in just minutes. Actually the children would not be in their classroom if the Aberfan disaster occurred few minutes earlier.

Aberfan Disasters

Aberfan Disasters

Facts about Aberfan 3: National Coal Board

National Coal Board was blamed by the official inquiry because of their negligence. People were very hurt when the misleading statement was created by Lord Robens, the chairman of the company.

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Facts about Aberfan 4: public safety

The public safety concerning the people who lived near quarries and mines will be arranged again based a new legislation soon passed by the parliament.

Aberfan Image

Aberfan Image

Facts about Aberfan 5: debris

There are more than millions of cubic meters of excavated mining debris of the National Coal Board. For more than 50 years, the debris was saved there. The location of the debris deposit was in Mynydd Merthyr. It was near the village of Aberfan.

Facts about Aberfan 6: the debris above the village primary school

The village primary school was situated below the mountain of debris. Actually the local authorizes had warned National Coal Board about the huge piles of debris that looked like a mountain above the village school. But they ignored the warning.

Aberfan Pic

Aberfan Pic

Facts about Aberfan 7: the collapse

The accident occurred on 21st October 1966 in the early morning because of the heavy rain had happened several days before.

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Facts about Aberfan 8: the waste tip number 7

There were more than 150,000 cubic meters of water saturated debris collapsed at 9:15 a.m. It collapsed and turned down to the village school in fast speed.



Facts about Aberfan 9: destruction

The destruction because of this slide was very massive. There were 20 terraced houses on the road destroyed because of the slide. The schools were demolished along with a farm.

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Facts about Aberfan 10: evacuation

The people who lived near the area had to be evacuated.

Facts about Aberfan

Facts about Aberfan

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