10 Facts about Abergavenny Castle

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Facts about Abergavenny Castle show the information about the ruined castle in Monmouthshire, Wales.  The name of the castle is derived from the name of the town where the castle stands, Abergavenny. In 1807, the castle was founded by Norman lord Hamelin de Ballon. Find out more facts about Abergavenny Castle in the following post below:

Facts about Abergavenny Castle 1: a massacre of Welsh noblemen

The castle is a place where you can trace back the history and life of Welsh noblemen. In 1175, a massacre of Welsh noblemen was located in the castle.

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Facts about Abergavenny Castle 2: Glyndwr Rising

Glyndwr Rising is another important event in the castle.  It occurred in the beginning of 15th century. The castle was attacked in that event.

Abergavenny Castle

Abergavenny Castle

Facts about Abergavenny Castle 3: Grade I

The castled was labeled as a Grade I building in 1952. Compared to another other castles in Wales, it witnessed the most treachery.

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Facts about Abergavenny Castle 4: the purpose

The establishment of Abergavenny Castle is to guard the area from any incursion. The Normans built it to oversee the valley and River Usk too.

Abergavenny Castle Pic

Abergavenny Castle Pic

Facts about Abergavenny Castle 5: the description of the castle

In the past, I believe that it was a magnificent castle. Today you can only see a ruined castle.  The fortification in the castle can be seen on the ditch, towers and stone keep.

Facts about Abergavenny Castle 6: who used the castle?

The castle was used as a home to the family and army of the lords.

Facts about Abergavenny Castle

Facts about Abergavenny Castle

Facts about Abergavenny Castle 7: features of the castle

This big castle had a great hall, kitchens, cellars, a chapel, and a gate house. Around the castle, you can find out a curtain wall.

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Facts about Abergavenny Castle 8: the curtain wall

One of the most impressive views on the castle is located in the curtain wall. It was dated back in 12th century. In 19th century, the top of the motte was infused with a lodge.

Abergavenny Castle

Abergavenny Castle

Facts about Abergavenny Castle 9: visitors

The visitors began to notice on the beauty of the ruined castle at the end of 18th century. A hunting lodge was located at the motte under the order of the second earl of Abergavenny, Henry Nevill in 1819.

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Facts about Abergavenny Castle 10: a formal public garden

If you check out the castle, you can see a formal public garden.  William Neville, the fifth earl of Abergavenny added it in 19th century.

Abergavenny Castle Ruins

Abergavenny Castle Ruins

The garden now is included on the National register Of Historic Parks and Gardens. Are you impressed with facts about Abergavenny?

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