10 Facts about Abigail Adams

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Facts about Abigail Adams provide the ideas about the first lady of United States. She is very famous and honored until today.  People know her as the mother of President John Quincy Adams and wife of President John Adams. Check out the following detail for more explanation about our first lady:

Facts about Abigail Adams 1: date of birth

Abigail Adams was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts Bay Colony on 22 November 1744. She passed away in Quincy, Massachusetts on 28 October 1818.

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Facts about Abigail Adams 2: the early life

Her birth name was Abigail Smith. She changed it into Abigail Adams after she married to John Adams. She was raised in a small town of Weymouth. Talking about her family life, she owned two sisters and a brother. His father worked as a minister of the local church named William Smith.

Abigail Adams Coins

Abigail Adams Coins

Facts about Abigail Adams 3: education

Education was not important for girl at that time.  Therefore, she did not get any formal education. However, her mother was her personal teacher since she taught her how to write and read. She also educated herself more by reading books that her father had in the library.

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Facts about Abigail Adams 4: women’s right

The way she viewed the world as a child led her to the journey of women’s right.  The young Abigail always had a dream to attend school. She wasn’t not capable doing that because she was a girl.

Abigail Adams Pic

Abigail Adams Pic

Facts about Abigail Adams 5: attraction with John Adams

Abigail met John Adams because he was a friend of Abigail’s sister, Mary. At that time, John was a country lawyer. Both were attracted to each other.

Facts about Abigail Adams 6: engagement

Soon after they were attracted to each other company, they became engaged. Her father liked John a lot. However, her mother did not like him a lot because he was only a lawyer. I believe that her mother never thought that John would become a president one day.

Abigail Adams Quote

Abigail Adams Quote

Facts about Abigail Adams 7: the delayed marriage

The marriage between John and Abigail had to be delayed because of small pox outbreak. The couple wedded on 25 October 1763.

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Facts about Abigail Adams 8: children

Both had six children. Those included Thomas, Susanna, Charles, Abigail, Elizabeth and John Quincy. John Quincy became the president of USA. Elizabeth and Susanna passed away at young age.

Abigail Adams

Abigail Adams

Facts about Abigail Adams 9: the famous events

Some famous events such as Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party occurred in the town where Abigail Lived.

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Facts about Abigail Adams 10: home alone

Abigail had to care everything on her own when John was at the Continental Congress.

Facts about Abigail Adams

Facts about Abigail Adams

Are you impressed with facts about Abigail Adams?

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