10 Facts about Abingdon

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Check out one of the interesting market towns in England by reading Facts about Abingdon. People often call this civil parish or market town as Abingdon on Thames or Abingdon-on-Thames. Since 1974, it has been included in the county of Oxfordshire even though it was included as a county town of Berkshire. Check out more facts about Abingdon in the following post.

Facts about Abingdon 1: the oldest town

If you want to visit the town in Britain which claimed as the oldest continuously occupied town in the country, you have to come to Abingdon. There are many oldest places and buildings that you can visit here. The history states that the land has been inhabited by people for more than 6,000 years.

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Facts about Abingdon 2: the settlement

The settlement of human being can be seen from the beginning of Iron Age to the late Iron Age.  You can check out below the town center, a defensive enclosure.

Abingdon Bridge

Abingdon Bridge

Facts about Abingdon 3: Agriculture center

Once Abingdon was called as the agricultural center in the country during 13th to 14th centuries. The town was famous for the clothing and weaving industry. It was the center of wool trade too.

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Facts about Abingdon 4: the famous riot in Abingdon

The famous riot was occurred in the town in 1337. The riot was a result of the people’s protest for Abbot Control on the market. Due to the riots, there were some monks assassinated.

Abingdon Facts

Abingdon Facts

Facts about Abingdon 5: leisure facilities

You can get some leisure facilities in Abingdon.  You can come to Southern Town Park, Tilsley Park, White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre.

Facts about Abingdon 6: shopping

You can go shopping in Abingdon when you visit the town.  If you want to know the largest supermarket in Abingdon, you need to go to the Tesco Extra store. It is located to the west of the town. Other stores include Argos, Homebase, Beales, and Subways.

Abingdon Lake

Abingdon Lake

Facts about Abingdon 7: the local newspaper

This town has a free newspaper. It is called the Oxfordshire Guardian. The newspaper company was established at the South Oxfordshire Courier. Other important newspapers include the Oxford Times, Oxford Mail and Abingdon Herald.

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Facts about Abingdon 8: Radiohead

Are you a fan of Radiohead? This rock band was one of the Greatest Artists of All time based on the Rolling Stone’s List in 2005.  The band has sold more than 30 million albums all over the world. Do you know that it was formed in 1985 in Abingdon?



Facts about Abingdon 9: the town non league football teams

Abingdon has two non league football teams. Both are the Abingdon Town FC and Abingdon United FC.

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Facts about Abingdon 10: MG car factory

MG car factory was one of the biggest car factories in Britain. The main site for the manufacturing process was in Abingdon. The company was opened in 1929.

Facts about Abingdon

Facts about Abingdon

MG car factory was closed on 24 October 1980.  For the next 51 years since the first opening, there were 1,155,032 cars manufactured by MG car factory. Are you interested reading facts about Abingdon?

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