10 Facts about Abiotic Factors

Monday, November 3rd 2014. | Biology

If you want to know more about the ecosystem in the world, you have to check out Facts about Abiotic Factors.  The abiotic factors are very important in our nature. They include the cloud, the river, rain, stones, soil, and mountain. They define and shape our ecosystem. Check out more facts about abiotic factors in the following post below:

Facts about Abiotic Factors 1: biotic and abiotic

There are two kinds of factors available inside the ecosystem. Both are the biotic and abiotic factors. The abiotic ones include the non living things inside the ecosystem. The biotic ones include the living things.

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Facts about Abiotic Factors 2: the relation of biotic and abiotic

If you have to choose which one is important, the abiotic or biotic one, it is not easy to choose. Both are important because the changes in abiotic and biotic factors will affect the entire ecosystem.

Abiotic factor

Abiotic factor

Facts about Abiotic Factors 3: the importance of abiotic factors

The abiotic factors are very significant in the ecosystem because it affects the way the organism survives.

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Facts about Abiotic Factors 4: variations of abiotic factors

If you check out the examples of the abiotic factors, they can vary in different ecosystem. We cannot generalize the factors since we have to see the type of ecosystem.

Abiotic Factors

Abiotic Factors

Facts about Abiotic Factors 5: aquatic ecosystems

Let me show you some examples of abiotic factors in aquatic ecosystem. Those include the dissolved oxygen, nutrients, salinity, pH, water depth, sunlight, and turbidity.

Facts about Abiotic Factors 6: terrestrial ecosystems

If you are interested to know the abiotic factors in terrestrial ecosystems, you can check out the temperature, wind, pH, sunlight, pollution, altitude, temperature, wind, rain and nutrients.

Abiotic Stones

Abiotic Stones

Facts about Abiotic Factors 7: other types of abiotic

There are many other types of abiotic factors in the world. They include forest fires, earthquake, volcanoes, and climate.

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Facts about Abiotic Factors 8: Solar Energy Input

One of the important abiotic factors that human being, plant and animals need is the solar energy input. Each ecosystem in the world is determined by the solar energy input.  The tropical land has different ecosystem if you compare it with the non tropical one.



Facts about Abiotic Factors 9: climate

Another factor to concern is the climate. It includes the temperature, rain and wind.

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Facts about Abiotic Factors 10: Topography

The topography which includes the altitude and slope affects the ecosystem because both are included in abiotic factors.

Facts about Abiotic Factors

Facts about Abiotic Factors

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