10 Facts about Abolitionists

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Facts about Abolitionists talk about the people who like to eliminate slavery and injustice in America.  The famous movement for the abolitionists is the abolitionist movement which triggered the civil war. People believe that each person is created equal. Therefore, the African American people wanted to abolish slavery which made them inferior to the white people in USA. Find out more facts about the abolitionist here.

Facts about Abolitionists 1: slavery in North America

In 1619, the African slavery started in North America especially in Jamestown, Virginia. In 1636, Desire was launched from Massachusetts to take the slave trade from Africa to the American colonies. Desire was called as the first American ship to take the slaves from Africa.

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Facts about Abolitionists 2: the notion of slavery

Not all white people agreed with the notion of slavery. Some of them were not comfortable of having slave. The importation of African slaves was prohibited by Virginia in 1778 and Delaware in 1776.



Facts about Abolitionists 3: abolish the slavery

Can you guess the first state which abolished slavery? It was Vermont which abolished it in 1777.  In 1780, Pennsylvania has a gradual emancipation. In 1778, Rhode Island prohibited taking slaves.

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Facts about Abolitionists 4: prohibition of Slaves

In 1808, the importation of slaves was prohibited by the constitution in 1808. In 1819, trading slaves was called as the capital offense.

Abolitionists Movement

Abolitionists Movement

Facts about Abolitionists 5: slavery in South

The slavery in the South was very important for the people since the improvement of technology made the people need more slave labors.

Facts about Abolitionists 6: abolitionist sentiment

The growth of abolitionist sentiment was very high when slavery was allowed in the country. The abolitionist pamphlets and newspaper could be seen everywhere. Thus, South Carolina passed penalties for those who wrote the anti slavery material in 1820.

Abolitionists Pic

Abolitionists Pic

Facts about Abolitionists 7: David Walker

David Walker pushed the abolitionists to use the extreme militancy through his book An Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World in Boston in 1829. Originally, he came from South.

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Facts about Abolitionists 8: Gabriel Prosser

Gabriel Prosser was a Virginian slave. He decided to do an uprising in 1800s but he failed to do it since two slaves betrayed him by telling the masters about his plan.



Facts about Abolitionists 9: the first American Anti-Slavery Society Convention

The first American Anti-Slavery Society Convention was held in Philadelphia in 1833.

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Facts about Abolitionists 10: Southern states

Southern states were against the abolitionists.  They wanted other states to decrease the abolitionist groups.

Facts about Abolitionists

Facts about Abolitionists

Some people who wanted to abolish slavery and injustice include Harriet Tubman, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Dred Scott V. Sanford, and Abraham Lincoln. What do you think on facts about Abolitionists?

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