10 Facts about Aboriginal Art

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If you like to study about art, it is the perfect time for you to know Facts about Aboriginal Art. The aboriginal art is very unique. It is different if you compare it with any other types of arts in the world. The Aboriginal artists focus more on the richness of the Aboriginal culture. Check out more facts about aboriginal art below:

Facts About Aboriginal Art 1: the ancient stories

The ancient stories of the aboriginal people inspire them to create an art. Whether the art is in traditional or contemporary style, all of them are still inspired by the ancient stories. The symbols of the art can be seen on Dreamtime and the story of Jukurpa.

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Facts about Aboriginal Art 2: Dreamtime

The dreamtime is very important to know if you like to learn the aboriginal art.  It was the period when the world was created.

Aboriginal Art Dots

Aboriginal Art Dots

Facts About Aboriginal Art 3: the stories

The stories of Dreamtime will be passed from generation through the generous of the indigenous people. The people estimated that it has been exceeded for more than 50,000 years ago.

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Facts about Aboriginal Art 4: tbe layers of meaning

When you see an aboriginal art, you can find out layers of meaning because the art also serves as a written language. People have to get the message from the art.

Aboriginal Arts

Aboriginal Arts

Facts About Aboriginal Art 5: the unworried language

If you see the real aboriginal art, you will not find out a written language.  You can get the stories from the usage of symbols in the artworks.

Facts About Aboriginal Art 6: preserving the culture

The aboriginal people use the art to preserve their culture. You have to see their artwork on dance, song, ceremonies, stories and paintings. All of them are the media to get the vital information about aboriginal culture.

Aboriginal Art Painting

Aboriginal Art Painting

Facts About Aboriginal Art 7: teaching through painting

When you like to study about the stories of the aboriginal people, you have to a look at the aboriginal painting by the aboriginal artists.  The visual story has no written language. Therefore, you have to interpret the paintings through the symbols.

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Facts About Aboriginal Art 8: education for the children

The aboriginal children will get the stories about their culture and dreamtime at different age level.  The stories behind the artworks used to convey the message about the bad and good behaviors as well as the consequences when they do bad or good thing.

Aboriginal Art Pictures

Aboriginal Art Pictures

Facts About Aboriginal Art 9: museums

If you want to find out the museum dedicated for the aboriginal arts, you can come to Kluge-Ruhe Collection of the University of Virginia and Museum of Contemporary Aboriginal Art located in Holland.

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Facts About Aboriginal Art 10: the artists

The notable aboriginal artists include John Mawurndjul, Lena Nyadbi, Gulumbu Yunupingu, and Judy Watson.

Facts about Aboriginal Art

Facts about Aboriginal Art

Are you impressed with facts about aboriginal art?

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