10 Facts about Aboriginal Culture

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If you like to know Facts about Aboriginal Culture, you need to look at the below post. You can get the information about the dreamtime. It is one of the important stories of the Aboriginal people. It involves the creation of the world. Here are the facts about aboriginal culture for you:

Facts about Aboriginal Culture 1: dreamtime

Based on the view of dreamtime, human, fish, bird and animal are a part of the unchanging network in the relationship. People could trace it from the Great Spirit in the dreamtime.

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Facts about Aboriginal Culture 2: the importance of dreamtime

Until this present day, the aboriginal people still believe in the dreamtime. They commemorate the dreamtime through the songs, arts and dances.

Facts about Aboriginal Culture

Facts about Aboriginal Culture

Facts about Aboriginal Culture 3: the sacred world

Let’s talk about the creation of the world through dreamtime story. The aboriginal ancestors were in the dreaming world.  At that time, the earth was only a flat surface. It was just a silent, dead and dark world. Below the surface of the land, there were unformed of lives sleeping there. From the crust of the earth, the supernatural ancestors broke and made the sunlight rose from the ground and illuminated the world.

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Facts about Aboriginal Culture 4: the resemblance of supernatural ancestors

The supernatural ancestors can come in the resemblance of half human, plants, or even creatures. They are often called totemic ancestors.

Aboriginal Culture and Children

Aboriginal Culture and Children

Facts about Aboriginal Culture 5: the journey of the supernatural ancestors

Through the journey, the ancestors changed the forms of the land. They created rivers, trees, grassland, landscape, waterholes, sand hills, and plants.

Facts about Aboriginal Culture 6: other creations

Other creations of the supernatural ancestors include water, air, and fire.  The animals include wallaby, crow, emu, eagles, grasshopper, snake, kangaroo, lizard, ants and many more. The sun, stars and moon were created too.

Aboriginal Culture and People

Aboriginal Culture and People

Facts about Aboriginal Culture 7: the state of sleep

After creating those elements of land, the supernatural ancestors were in the state of sleep again after they came back inside the earth.

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Facts about Aboriginal Culture 8: nomadic life

The aboriginal people live a nomadic life. It means that they do not settle in one place for the whole life. The will move to follow the food and seasons.

Aboriginal Culture Pic

Aboriginal Culture Pic

Facts about Aboriginal Culture 9: hunting ability and survival

The Australian outback was not easy to conquer. But the aboriginal people can live well in the harsh area with few simple tools. They have great skill to survive and hunt the food.

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Facts about Aboriginal Culture 10: didgeridoos

If you want to check out the aboriginal culture, you have to see didgeridoos. It is called as one of the unique artifacts created by the aboriginal people.

Aboriginal Culture

Aboriginal Culture

What do you think on facts about aboriginal cultures?

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