10 Facts about Aboriginal Food

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Check out the Facts about Aboriginal Food if you want to know the valuable and healthy food of the aboriginal people. Gathering the food from the nature is one of the main skills of the aboriginal people. They are considered as clever hunters. The Australian outback is not easy to conquer but the aboriginal people can live well here. Here are the interesting facts about aboriginal food for you:

Facts about Aboriginal Food 1: the healthy diet

We can say that the food eaten by the aboriginal people are healthy because the tribe has lived for more than 50,000 years. The diet was passed from generation to generation. They can live well in the harsh Australia since we know that European explorers who came here for the first time had not idea to gather food.

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Facts about Aboriginal Food 2: skillful tribe

The aboriginal people are skillful. They are very clever to hunt animals. But they also have great knowledge about animals and plants. The people have their own cakes, baked bread and sweet.

Aboriginal Food Facts

Aboriginal Food Facts

Facts about Aboriginal Food 3: the different food

The food created by the aboriginal people is different based on the region. We know that Australia is a very vast country with different climatic regions. You can find Snowy Mountain, coastal area, desert and tropical rainforest. Check out the way the aboriginal people gather their food in facts about Aboriginal tools.

Facts about Aboriginal Food 4: the women’s jobs

Men are responsible to hunt animals, while the women should collect the insects and plants. They can carry mushroom, insects, plant food and mussels shells.

Aboriginal Food Image

Aboriginal Food Image

Facts about Aboriginal Food 5: the food from the Australian bush

The food that the aboriginal people gather is from the Australian bush. They like collecting acacias, Lemon Aspen, seeds, herbs, fruits, and nuts, roots of eucalyptus, fig trees, grass trees, apples, quandong and lilly pilly.

Facts about Aboriginal Food 6: preparing the food

The aboriginal women are very clever. They can decide whether the plants are poisonous or not. Actually they can remove some poisons from the plants by soaking the plants in the water for weeks.

Aboriginal Food Pictures

Aboriginal Food Pictures

Facts about Aboriginal Food 7: salt

We can get salt from the super market. But the aboriginal people get the salt from the nature. The aboriginal people who live in the inland get it from the desert lake. The ones living in coastal areas get it from the mangrove leaves.

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Facts about Aboriginal Food 8: sweets

If they want to enjoy sweet food, they will use the nectar from banksia, melaleuca and wattle flowers.

Aboriginal Food

Aboriginal Food

Facts about Aboriginal Food 9: fat

Fat can be gained by the aboriginal people from oyster, muscles, and mangrove crabs if they live in mangrove habitat.

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Facts about Aboriginal Food 10: fat in insects

The insects which contain fat include bogong moth, witchety grubs and green ants.

Facts about Aboriginal Food

Facts about Aboriginal Food

Are you wondered with facts about aboriginal food?

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