10 Facts about Aboriginal History

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Those who are interested with aborigines should check out Facts about Aboriginal History.  It is a good time for the people to know more about the history, culture and art of the aboriginal people since the month of June was used as the national aboriginal history month. To celebrate the special month, people will do wonderful ceremony, dance and songs. Check out more facts about aboriginal history in the following post below:

Facts about Aboriginal History 1: the famous aboriginal artists

There are many kinds of artworks created by the aboriginal artists that you can spot on various galleries and museums around the world. The art lovers are impressed with the combo of the contemporary work with native aboriginal art.

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Facts about Aboriginal History 2: canoes

Canoes are the important means of transportation for the native people living in Ontario and Quebec. They make the canoes from birch bark.  The wood is selected because it is very easy to carry due to the lightweight state. If the canoes are broken, the native people can fix them easily since birch barks are easy to find the journey.

Aboriginal History Facts

Aboriginal History Facts

Facts about Aboriginal History 3: the water proof feature

The canoes that the aboriginal people have are waterproof. The canoes are made from cedar, but they are covered by the waterproof bark of birch.

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Facts about Aboriginal History 4: goose & duck decoys

Goose & duck decoys are created by the native people of aborigines. The decoys are from the covered cedar. They place them on the water. The goose and duck will think that decoys are a safe place.   When they sit still there, the native people will catch them.

Aboriginal History Pic

Aboriginal History Pic

Facts about Aboriginal History 5: the aboriginal culture timeline

If we talk about the timelines of aboriginal culture, it spans from 40,000 to 45,000 years ago. But there are some people who think that the aboriginal history has spanned 80,000 years ago before the first settlement of European people.

Facts about Aboriginal History 6: skillful aboriginal people

The aboriginal people are very skillful because their life depends on the water and land. They gather food from fishing and hunting.

Aboriginal Dreamtime

Aboriginal Dreamtime

Facts about Aboriginal History 7: the changes of aboriginal history

The aboriginal history changed after the European settlement in 18th and 19th century. The native people have to blend with the western culture introduced by the British people at that time.

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Facts about Aboriginal History 8: reconciliation

Reconciliation has been made for the European Australian and Aboriginal Australian since 1960s.

Aboriginal History

Aboriginal History

Facts about Aboriginal History 9: the oldest human found in Australia

The oldest human being found in Australia was a Mungo Man. It was discovered near Lake Mango, New South Wales in 1974. Find out facts about aboriginal dreamtime if you want to know the creation of earth and land from Aboriginal perspective.

Facts about Aboriginal History 10: reflection of aboriginal history

The aboriginal history affects the aboriginal people to create their artwork. Don’t forget to check out facts about aboriginal ceremonies here.

Facts about Aboriginal History

Facts about Aboriginal History

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