10 Facts about Aboriginal Music

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If you want to know the traditional music used by the aboriginal people in their cultural and ceremonial life, check out Facts about Aboriginal Music. The aboriginal people have no written language. They will pass the knowledge to the next generation by using music, art and oral method. Check out the following post below for more information about aboriginal music:

Facts about Aboriginal Music 1: the dreamtime

Dreamtime story affects every aspect of the aboriginal people’s life. It can be seen in the song that they teach to the next generation. The topic in the songs about dreamtime involves ancestral stories of sacred places, customs laws, land creation and dreaming. Find out facts about dreamtime here.

Facts about Aboriginal Music 2: the ceremonial life

The song is often used in the ceremonial life. It is also combined with arts and dancing.

Aboriginal Music and Dance

Aboriginal Music and Dance

Facts about Aboriginal Music 3: the sacred

The aboriginal people have some sacred songs that performed by the initiated men and women secretly. The song is performed in initiation and child birth ceremonies. Find out facts about aboriginal ceremonies here.

Facts about Aboriginal Music 4: after the sacred ceremonies

When the sacred ceremonies have finished, the tribe can enjoy the songs performed by all people there. The men will dance, while the women chant.

Aboriginal Music History

Aboriginal Music History

Facts about Aboriginal Music 5: the theme of the songs

The theme of the songs can relate to healing the sick, creation stories, finding water, deaths, hunting or birth. It is inspired by their belief and daily events.

Facts about Aboriginal Music 6: painting

When the aboriginal artists paint the dreaming stories, they will sing the story songs.

Aboriginal Music Image

Aboriginal Music Image

Facts about Aboriginal Music 7: didgeridoo

Didgeridoo is the traditional musical instrument of aboriginal people since most songs of the people are performed in chanted style. They also use boomerangs and music sticks as the clap sticks.

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Facts about Aboriginal Music 8: boomerang

Boomerang has many functions. When people chant the song, they will use it as clap stick. But this curved shaped piece of wood is also used for fighting and hunting.

Aboriginal Music Pictures

Aboriginal Music Pictures

Facts about Aboriginal Music 9: didgeridoo instrument

Didgeridoo is called as one of the oldest instruments in the world. The aboriginal people use it by blowing out the instrument. The termites create the natural hollow on Didgeridoo. It is made from the wood of eucalypt tree.

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Facts about Aboriginal Music 10: navigation of the countryside

Some songs are performed when the aboriginals navigate the countryside.  They can reflect the waterholes, animals found in sacred place, or location of the hills.

Facts about Aboriginal Music

Facts about Aboriginal Music

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