10 Facts about Aboriginal Tools

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If you are interested to know the traditional tools used by the Aboriginals to hunt, fight or cut something, you need to check out Facts about Aboriginal Tools. There are many kinds of tools created by the aboriginals without using any modern technology. They use it for the daily life even though the tool is very simple.  All of them are used to conquer and beat the harsh life in the Australian bush. Here are the interesting facts about aboriginal tools.

Facts about Aboriginal Tools 1: the types of tools

Some tools created by the aboriginal people include spears, boomerangs, and dilly bangs. Most of them are carried by the aboriginals when they want to gather food in the Australian outback.

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Facts about Aboriginal Tools 2: boomerang

Boomerang is one of the famous aboriginals tool. It has various functions. During the ceremonies, the aboriginals will sing a song. They use boomerangs as music sticks. It can be used for digging, hunting, fighting, making fire and cutting knives.

Aboriginal Tool Images

Aboriginal Tool Images

Facts about Aboriginal Tools 3: magic

The aboriginal tool is always linked with magic and sorcery. They believe that they need super natural source for their tools.

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Facts about Aboriginal Tools 4: reflection of geographical location

If you want to know the location of a certain aboriginal group, you can check out their tool. The tool definitely reflects their place of living.

Aboriginal Tool

Aboriginal Tool

Facts about Aboriginal Tools 5: tool for the aboriginals in coastal areas

The aboriginals who live in coastal area use fishbone tip on the weapons.

Facts about Aboriginal Tools 6: desert tribe

If you check out the aboriginal people who live in the desert, you can find them using the stone tips.

Aboriginal Tools Image

Aboriginal Tools Image

Facts about Aboriginal Tools 7: tools of aboriginals

Even though their tools are varied based on the region, most of them use various vesting for drinking and eating. To hunt or fight, they use spears, axe heads, knives, scrapers and digging sticks.

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Facts about Aboriginal Tools 8: stone technology

The first person in the world who has the two world first stone technology is the aboriginal people. The stone was used to grind seed and introduce ground edges to cut tools.

Aboriginal Tools Pic

Aboriginal Tools Pic

Facts about Aboriginal Tools 9: stone tools

There are many benefits of having stone tools. They can be used to chop wood, to make other tools, and to prepare the animal skin.

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Facts about Aboriginal Tools 10: stone fish trap

When the aboriginals want to trap the fish on the river, they often use stone fish traps.

Facts about Aboriginal Tools

Facts about Aboriginal Tools

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