10 Facts about Aboriginal Weapons

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Facts about Aboriginal Weapons inform you with the interesting weapons of the aboriginal people. If you think that the aboriginal people use bow and arrow, you are wrong even though it is still debated by most people. One thing for sure, they often use spear and spear thrower. Check out more facts about the aboriginal weapons in the following post below:

Facts about Aboriginal Weapons 1: bow and arrow

The usage of the bow and arrow by the aboriginal people is still in debate. The bow and arrows were used by the people in many parts of the world except Australia during post glacial era.

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Facts about Aboriginal Weapons 2: why they use spear?

The aboriginals use spear because the animals in Australia were very big. The bow and arrows are effective if they are used in New Guinea since the country is often filled with small animals.

Aboriginal Weapon Facts

Aboriginal Weapon Facts

Facts about Aboriginal Weapons 3: effective spear

Do you know that the first exported item in Australia was a spear? There were two kinds of spear. One was for the fishing spear; another one was for fighting spear.

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Facts about Aboriginal Weapons 4: the fishing spear

Just like its name suggested, the fishing spear is used to capture fish. It is equipped with four barbs.

Aboriginal Weapon Pic

Aboriginal Weapon Pic

Facts about Aboriginal Weapons 5: the fighting spear

You can only find one barbed bone point on the fighting spear. This spear is used for protection. Sometimes it is also to hunt dugong by the people in Torres Strait Island.

Facts about Aboriginal Weapons 6: the death spears

The death spear usually contains microliths. It comes in the length less than 3 cm. However, this spear is very deadly. The victim will lose a lot of blood. It can be used for protection against other humans and kill animals.

Aboriginal Weapon

Aboriginal Weapon

Facts about Aboriginal Weapons 7: the museums

You can visit the museum in Australia and checkup the death spears displayed there. One death spear can have more than 40 barbs.

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Facts about Aboriginal Weapons 8: the spear thrower

The oldest known spear thrower in the world was estimated to live 40,000 or 60,000 years ago. The spear thrower was a Mungo Man who was discovered near Lake Mungo. Based on the research, the Mungo man has severe osteoarthritis on the right elbow due to the usage of spear thrower.

Aboriginal Weapons

Aboriginal Weapons

Facts about Aboriginal Weapons 9: boomerangs

Boomerang is also a good weapon used by the aboriginal people.  It’s functioned as a throwing stick.  The aboriginals will throw it in super fast speed to hit the target. It can be used as clap stick too.

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Facts about Aboriginal Weapons 10: how to create Boomerangs

The aboriginals make the boomerang by cutting the branches of tree. They carve, heat, and twist it to suit the aerodynamic shape.

Facts about Aboriginal Weapon

Facts about Aboriginal Weapon

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