10 Facts about Abraham Darby

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Facts about Abraham Darby inform the person who played a significant role during the Industrial Revolution. There were several names of Abraham Darby in the world. To differentiate the first Abraham Derby, people often dub him as Abraham Darby I or Abraham Darby the Elder.  He did not use charcoal to fuel a blast furnace. This man preferred to use coke as the fuel. This new method was applied by Darby to produce pig iron in a coke fueled blast furnace. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Darby below:

Facts about Abraham Darby 1: the early life

Let’s find out the early life of Darby. This man was from an English Quaker family.

Facts about Abraham Darby 2: the industrial revolution

The industrial revolution is very important in the history of England. During the era, people began to use machine for production. Darby’s new method for using coke rather than charcoal led into a new development in the iron production.

Abraham Darby Pic

Abraham Darby Pic

Facts about Abraham Darby 3: the parents of Darby

His mother was Ann Baylies. His father was John Darby. He worked as a locksmith by trade and a yeoman farmer.

Facts about Abraham Darby 4: the place of birth

The place of birth of Darby is located at Woodsettle, Staffordshire. Actually Darby had noble blood. Edward Sutton was the fifth Baron Dudley. His illegitimate child was Jane. She was the great grandmother of Darby.

Abraham Darby Images

Abraham Darby Images

Facts about Abraham Darby 5: Dud Dudley

Dud Dudley was the brother of Abraham’s great-grandmother, Jane. Dudley stated that he applied coke as a fuel to smelt iron. However, the charcoal ironmasters did not accept his iron. But the action of Dudley inspired Abraham, his great grandnephew to use coke as a new method for smelting iron. 

Facts about Abraham Darby 6: as an apprentice

Darby became an apprentice under Jonathan Freeth in Birmingham in the beginning of 1690s.

Facts about Abraham Darby

Facts about Abraham Darby

Facts about Abraham Darby 7: marriage

Darby married to Mary Sergeant in 1699. It was after his apprenticeship finished. He became a malt milk maker after relocating to Bristol. Check facts about Daniel Morgan here.

Facts about Abraham Darby 8: the reputation

It was easy for Darby to earn reputation in the small community of Quakers in Bristol due to his amazing enterprise and skill.

Abraham Darby Pictures

Abraham Darby Pictures

Facts about Abraham Darby 9: Bristol Brass Company

Bristol Brass Company was established after Darby and several fellow Quakers worked together in 1702. The working location was at Baptist Mills in Bristol.

Facts about Abraham Darby 10: the mass production of pots

The mass production of pots can be achieved after Darby using greensand moulds for casting pots. Get facts about Daniel Webster here.

Abraham Darby's Blast Furnace

Abraham Darby’s Blast Furnace

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