10 Facts about Abraham Lincoln

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Facts about Abraham Lincoln tell you about the 16th president of United States. This man impressed all the people in United States with his courage for emancipation and abolition of slavery.  He took the record as the only president in United States who had a patent. He was the inventor of a tool used to free steamboats. Check out more facts about Abraham Lincoln in the following post below:

Facts about Abraham Lincoln 1: emancipation on women

For many years, the women in United States did not have any right to vote. In 1836, Lincoln wanted the women to vote in the national election. However, this will was fashionable in the country since the future president was a suffragette. If you want to know the woman who concerned a lot with emancipation, check out Abigail Adams facts.

Facts about Abraham Lincoln 2: formal schooling

It is very surprising to know that Lincoln only got formal schooling for 18 months. But he could practice law even though he did not have any degree.

Abraham Lincoln Facts

Abraham Lincoln Facts

Facts about Abraham Lincoln 3: animal lover

There were many impressive characters on Lincoln. He really loved animals. He would never hunt or even kill fish.  Probably Lincoln would create a shelter if he were alive today.

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Facts about Abraham Lincoln 4: presidential seat

He had to let go the presidential for the first bid.  In 1856, he could not become a successful vice presidential candidate.

Abraham Lincoln Picture

Abraham Lincoln Picture

Facts about Abraham Lincoln 5: a wrestler

Do you know that Lincoln actually was a wrestler? Once he took part in wrestling bouts.

Facts about Abraham Lincoln 6: organized church

It is very common for the religious people to follow an organized church. Even though Lincoln was very religious, he never followed any organized church. Every day he always read bible.

Abraham Lincoln Pictures

Abraham Lincoln Pictures

Facts about Abraham Lincoln 7: a simple man

We can say that Lincoln was a very simple man. During his life in a white house, he never got drunk. He did not smoke or even chew.

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Facts about Abraham Lincoln 8: middle name

Lincoln did not have any middle name.  His full name is only Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Facts about Abraham Lincoln 9: nickname

If Lincoln was alive, you should never call him Abe. He preferred to be called Lincoln.

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Facts about Abraham Lincoln 10: Thanksgiving

The United States president who made Thanksgiving as the national day is Abraham Lincoln.

Facts about Abraham Lincoln

Facts about Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln had a cat. He called it Tabby. His dog was Fido. Are you fascinated with facts about Abraham Lincoln?

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