10 Facts about Abraham Maslow

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Let me show you the information about one of the famous American psychologists in Facts about Abraham Maslow. Maslow is very famous in the world of psychology after his works. He was a professor at Brandeis University. Even though he had passed away in 1970, his works remain eternal. People who study psychology still read his works today. Check out more facts about Abraham Maslow by reading the following post below:

Facts about Abraham Maslow 1: life span

Abraham Maslow was born on 1 April 1908 in Brooklyn, New York. He passed away on 8 June 1970.

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Facts about Abraham Maslow 2: the family life

Talking about his family life, Maslow was called as a mentally unstable child by a psychologist.  There were seven children in the family and he was the oldest one.

Abraham Maslow Cartoon

Abraham Maslow Cartoon

Facts about Abraham Maslow 3: parents

Maslow was Jewish since his parents were the first generation of Jewish who immigrated to United States. They were interested to live in Brooklyn New York due to the multiethnic environment.

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Facts about Abraham Maslow 4: anti-Semitism

Being a Jew is not easy for Maslow since he was to experience anti-Semitism from the children in his neighborhood and teachers. He had to live in fear due to the anti Semitic gangs that he faced at his young age.

Abraham Maslow Facts

Abraham Maslow Facts

Facts about Abraham Maslow 5: education

Even though his parents were very poor, they valued education and supported Maslow. This man liked learning and reading books a lot. He always spent his time in libraries.

Facts about Abraham Maslow 6: high school

Due to his intelligence, Maslow went to one of the top high schools in Brooklyn. As a young boy, he took part in the school activities such as becoming an editor for Principia and Latin Magazine.

Abraham Maslow Pic

Abraham Maslow Pic

Facts about Abraham Maslow 7: college life

His college life was not easy. He went to City College of New York. He transferred to Cornel in 1927. But he had to leave it after one semester because he had to pay high fee and his grades were very poor. Fortunately, he could grant a degree from a city college. Then he graduated from University of Wisconsin with a degree in psychology.

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Facts about Abraham Maslow 8: the famous works

The famous work of Maslow includes the hierarchy of needs of Maslow. In his theory, Maslow urged the people to focus more on the positive qualities of people.

Abraham Maslow Quote

Abraham Maslow Quote

Facts about Abraham Maslow 9: job

Abraham Maslow was a famous professor. He taught in some universities such as Brooklyn College, Brandeis University, Columbia University and New School for Social Research.

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Facts about Abraham Maslow 10: marriage

His wife was Bertha, his first cousin. Both married in 1928.

Facts about Abraham Maslow

Facts about Abraham Maslow

Maslow died on 8 June 1970 at the age of 62 years old in Menlo Park. He had a severe heart attack when he was jogging. Are you impressed with facts about Abraham Maslow?

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