10 Facts about Absolute Monarchy

Friday, November 7th 2014. | Politics

If you want to know about the form of monarch which has absolute power, you can check out Facts about Absolute Monarchy. The power of absolute monarch usually is hereditary. But it can be gained from the transmission of power too. Find out more facts about absolute monarchy by reading the following post below:

Facts about Absolute Monarchy 1: absolute power

There are several countries in the world which still have the absolute power. Those include Swaziland, Brunei, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Facts about Absolute Monarchy 2: European monarchs

If you check out the European history, there were many European monarchs which maintained the absolute power such as Russia and France.

Absolute Monarchy Facts

Absolute Monarchy Facts

Facts about Absolute Monarchy 3: France and absolute monarch

One of the best examples of the absolute monarch was in France. You must remember the story of Louis XIV.  This king lived in 1638 till 1715. He often stated that I am the State or “L’état, c’est moi”. He was the king for a long period of time even though people were sick with his extravagant life. He spent such as a lot of money to build the Palace of Versailles.

Facts about Absolute Monarchy 4: punishment

The power of King Louis XIV was unlimited. He could punish a man till his death or even annul the punishment based on his will. The judicial authority at that time always followed his will.

Absolute Monarchy Pictures

Absolute Monarchy Pictures

Facts about Absolute Monarchy 5: Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles was the result of King Louis’ extravagant life.  The construction of the palace was also used to show his power to his people. He wanted to control his nobles and important people by living in the palace with them.

Facts about Absolute Monarchy 6: Denmark

Absolute monarch can be seen in Denmark’s history. In 1665, Kongeloven of Denmark-Norway ordered the people to follow absolute monarch since he considered it as the best government system.

Absolute Monarchy Symbol

Absolute Monarchy Symbol

Facts about Absolute Monarchy 7: Russia

The absolute monarch in Russia was governed by Tsars of Russia. The power of the Russia was centered on the Tsar after Peter I the great decreased the power of the nobles in Russia.

Facts about Absolute Monarchy 8: Tsarist autocracy

Tsarist autocracy was an important term used to describe the absolutism of Russian Tsars.  This absolute monarch was increased by Catherine II the great.

Absolute Monarchy

Absolute Monarchy

Facts about Absolute Monarchy 9: Abolish of absolutism in Russia

The elimination of absolutism in Russia was very late if you compare it with other Europeans countries. Therefore, it is called as the last European country which eradicates absolute power.

Facts about Absolute Monarchy 10: Sweden

The absolute monarch in Sweden was seen when King Charles XI passed his power to Charles XII. He was the son of the king.

Facts about Absolute Monarchy

Facts about Absolute Monarchy

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