10 Facts about Absolute Value

Friday, November 7th 2014. | Mathematics

If you like to talk about modulus in mathematics, you have to check out Facts about Absolute Value. The sign of absolute value is |x|. The value of x should be in non negative number. If you are interested to know more about absolute value in mathematics, read the following post below:

Facts about Absolute Value 1: the value of x

Let’s talk the value of x in detail. As I have stated before that x should be in non negative number. It means that |x| = -x for a negative x and |x| = x for a positive x. Even though you have –x, it is positive in absolute value. Don’t forget to pay attention that |0| = 0.

Facts about Absolute Value 2: an example of absolute value

Based on the explanation above, we can derive the idea that an absolute value of 4 is 4. If you want to find out the absolute value of -4, it is also 4.

Absolute Value Answer

Absolute Value Answer

Facts about Absolute Value 3: numbers in absolute value

The number that you can find out in absolute value is the one distance from zero.

Facts about Absolute Value 4: absolute value in mathematics

Absolute value is one of the important topics in mathematics. You can also find it in other mathematical settings.  The ordered rings, quaternions, complex numbers, and vector spaces are defined using absolute value.

Absolute Value Learning

Absolute Value Learning

Facts about Absolute Value 5: the mathematical and physical topics

Do you know that absolute value is not only used in mathematics, but also in physics? It involves with norm, distance and magnitude.

Facts about Absolute Value 6: Jean-Robert Argand

Do you know Jean-Robert Argand? He coined the term module used to define the unit of measure in French. Actually the term module was used to elaborate the complex absolute value. In 1866, the term module was adapted into English. Module has the similar meaning with modulus.

Absolute Value Pictures

Absolute Value Pictures

Facts about Absolute Value 7: the term absolute value

In 1806, the term absolute value was used in France. In 1857, it was introduced in English.

Facts about Absolute Value 8: |x|

Karl Weierstrass introduced the notation |x| in 1841. If you see this notation, you need to define the context first since it can be used to denote cardinality.

Absolute Value

Absolute Value

Facts about Absolute Value 9: other name of absolute value

You can call absolute value with other names such as magnitude or numerical value.  If you are interested to stidy mathematics, don’t forget to check out abacus facts here.

Facts about Absolute Value10: the usage of absolute value

You can use absolute value to define the standard metric and absolute difference in real numbers.


Facts about  Absolute Value

Facts about Absolute Value

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