10 Facts about Absolute Zero

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Facts about Absolute Zero should be considered by the people who want to learn about thermodynamics. Absolute zero has a very important role in the subject. Get more explanation about absolute zero temperature by reading the following post below:

Facts about Absolute Zero 1: what is Absolute zero temperature?

Can you define absolute zero temperature? It is used to call the temperature which has no heat energy left in a substance. Based on the quantum theory, the substance has the minimum energy so that it only has zero point energy.

Facts about Absolute Zero 2: Robert Boyle

Robert Boyle was the known as the first person who discussed the possibility of the zero minimum temperature in a substance.

Absolute Zero Facts

Absolute Zero Facts

Facts about Absolute Zero 3: primum frigidum

Primum frigidum is a term from Robert Boyle associated with absolute zero temperature. The argument about it was explained in New Experiments and Observations in 1665.

Facts about Absolute Zero 4: debates of absolute zero

Many scientists talk about absolute zero temperature. Some people think that it could be found on earth. Some people consider that absolute zero energy is found in atmosphere or water.

Absolute Zero Image

Absolute Zero Image

Facts about Absolute Zero 5: Lord Kelvin

Lord Kelvin was the scientist who introduced absolute zero temperature in 1848. His scale is decided based on the laws of thermodynamics. It does not depend on the proprieties of a certain substance.

Facts about Absolute Zero 6: the scale

The zero scale for absolute zero is -273.15°C. If you have 373.15 K, it is equivalent with 100 degree Celsius. In the Kelvin scale, the absolute zero is 0 degree K.

Absolute Zero Pictures

Absolute Zero Pictures

Facts about Absolute Zero 7: Celsius, Rankin, and Fahrenheit scale

Let’s compare the absolute zero temperature of 0 degree K with other scales of Celsius, Rankin, and Fahrenheit. The absolute zero is equal with –459.67 °F on the Fahrenheit scale and 0 °R on the Rankin scale.

Facts about Absolute Zero 8: is it possible to have absolute zero?

Many scientists state that absolute zero temperature is only a theoretical temperature. It could not be achieved practically.

Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero

Facts about Absolute Zero 9: effect

When a substance has a very close temperature to absolute zero, it can give the unique effect on the substance. Some effects that you can learn include Bose-Einstein condensation, superfluidity and superconductivity.

Facts about Absolute Zero 10: the lowest temperature

The lowest temperature ever recorded in the world was achieved by a cooled piece of rhodium at 100 Pico Kelvin.

Facts about Absolute Zero

Facts about Absolute Zero

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