10 Facts about Absolutism

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Facts about Absolutism give the detail information about a type of national monarchy.  The power was on the hand of the king. The king can do anything he wants to do including killing the people. You can find out the example of absolutism in the early modern era in France. Check out more facts about absolutism in the following post below:

Facts about Absolutism 1: the king

The king was the head of the monarch. He got a lot of supports from the aristocracy and merchant rulers in the cities. Actually the power of the king was laid on the aristocracy. But the king still gained wealth and power individually.

Facts about Absolutism 2: the monarchy in France

The monarchy in France was founded by King Henry IV and Sully. Sully is the financial minister of the king. Both supported the monarchy in France by using some policies. Find out facts about absolute monarchy here.

Absolutism Facts

Absolutism Facts

Facts about Absolutism 3: King Louis XIII

Cardinal Richelieu was the minister during the reign of King Louis XIII. He contributed a lot to increase the dominance of over the aristocracy power. The power of the central government was still higher than the French protestant or Huguenots.

Facts about Absolutism 4: King Louis XIV

King Louis XIV was considered as an absolute king. He was in the throne for a very long time.  His reign was called as the pinnacle of absolute monarchy in France.

Absolutism King Louis

Absolutism King Louis

Facts about Absolutism 5: Mazarin

Mazarin was the teacher of King Louis XIV. He learned a lot on how to handle the state affairs. When he became a king, he stated that he is the State/ “L’état, c’est moi”.

Facts about Absolutism 6: absolutism

Absolutism can be seen in the European history. It occurred not only in France, but also in other countries Prussia, Russia, and Sweden.

Facts about Absolutism 7: the absolutism in the current time

There are several countries in the world which still practice absolutism. In Brunei, you can see Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah. In Swaziland, King Mswati III is the top leader in the country.

Absolutism Pictures

Absolutism Pictures

Facts about Absolutism 8: an absolute monarchy

The absolute monarchy is seen in Saudi Arabia. The king should follow the Islamic law and the Qur’an. But the royal decree in 1992 was used as the basic law of Saudi Arabia.

Facts about Absolutism 9: not modern constitution

You cannot find any written modern constitution in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, there is no national election ever conducted in the country.



Facts about Absolutism 10: the type of regime

Saudi Arabia is positioned in the 7th most authoritarian regime among 167 countries in the world based on The Economist’s 2010 Democracy Index.

Facts about Absolutism

Facts about Absolutism

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