10 Facts about Abstinence

Thursday, November 6th 2014. | Health

Check out the detail idea about not having sex in Facts about Abstinence. Have you ever heard the word abstinence? This behavior is often conducted by men and women to avoid the sexual transmitted infection and pregnancy. If you like to know more about abstinence, check the details below:

Facts about Abstinence 1: is abstinence great for you?

To find out whether abstinence is right or not for you, you need to check out the main reason of conducting this behavior. Some people think that abstinence is easy, convenient and safe. It can help you to prevent pregnancy and avoid the sexually transmitted behavior.

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Facts about Abstinence 2: outercourse

We can describe Abstinence as the outer course. It means that you don’t have any vagina intercourse when making love with your partner. You can do other kinds of sexual activities which never lead to have sexually transmitted disease or even pregnancy.

Abstinence Facts

Abstinence Facts

Facts about Abstinence 3: birth control

One of the main reasons people do Abstinence is for the birth control. They avoid having the vaginal intercourse because they do not want to get pregnant.

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Facts about Abstinence 4: how it can control pregnancy?

When people do Abstinence, they will keep away the sperms from the vagina. Therefore, the sperms will never meet the ovum.

abstinence image

abstinence image

Facts about Abstinence 5: is it effective?

To decide whether it is effective or not, you need to perform Abstinence perfectly. Actually the research states that Abstinence is 100 percent effective to prevent any pregnancy. You can also avoid any sexual diseases.

Facts about Abstinence 6: is it safe?

Many people choose Abstinence because it is safe, convenient and free. You will never have to face the hormonal or even medical side effects.

Abstinence Pic

Abstinence Pic

Facts about Abstinence 7: why people do Abstinence?

Besides preventing pregnancy and disease, men and women do Abstinence because they want to focus more on the career and school. Some people want to have fun without having sexual intercourse. Some women want to wait for the right partner and want to wait until they are ready for a sexual intercourse.

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Facts about Abstinence 8: celibacy

Celibacy is a form of abstinence. But it involves more on religious or personal belief of an individual.

Abstinence picture

Abstinence picture

Facts about Abstinence 9: abstinence and the social value

There are some societies which urge the people to have abstinence before they get married.

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Facts about Abstinence 10: Pythagoras

Pythagoras had something to say about sex. He stated that sex should not be practiced in the summer season because it was very dangerous for the male health. It can be practiced during the winter season. But there was no effect for the female health.

Facts about Abstinence

Facts about Abstinence

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