10 Facts about Abu Simbel

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If you are curious to know about the famous building located in Egypt, check out Facts about Abu Simbel.  Actually Abu Simbel temple consists of two buildings. It was built in 1200 BC under the reign of King Ramses II.  The first temple is used for King Ramses II. The second one is for Queen Nefertari, his queen. Here are facts about Abu Simbel temple for you:

Facts about Abu Simbel 1: visitors

Abu Simbel temple is opened for public. If you come to Egypt and you explorer Nile River using the cruises, you can view the temple. The camera is not permitted to bring inside the temple. Moreover, you need to pay the fee to visit the temple.

Facts about Abu Simbel 2: queen Nefertari

King Ramses II had several queens. But the most important one is Queen Nefertari. She was the first wife of the king. Therefore, you can only find one temple used for the queen. Other wives of the king did not have any place in Abu Simbel temple.

Abu Simbel at Night

Abu Simbel at Night

Facts about Abu Simbel 3: The Nefertari Hotel Abu Simbel

If you always want to visit Abu Simbel temple without taking any cruise, you can stay in Nefertari Hotel Abu Simbel. This hotel is located near the temple. You just have to walk to reach the hotel.

Facts about Abu Simbel 4: the artworks and carving

If you are inside Abu Simbel temple, you will be amazed with the artworks and carvings on the wall. The age of the artwork, statues, wall painting, and carved pillars are around thousand years old.

Abu Simbel Pic

Abu Simbel Pic

Facts about Abu Simbel 5: camera is not allowed

As I have stated before, the camera is not allowed to take inside the temple. It is due to the fact that the usage of camera can create accidental fading and damage.

Facts about Abu Simbel 6: the exact location

Let’s find out the exact location of Abu Simbel temple. It is situated in a small village in Nubia, southern Egypt. Check out another building in Abergavenny facts.

Abu Simbel Temple

Abu Simbel Temple

Facts about Abu Simbel 7: the name and construction

People know the twin temple of Abu Simbel temple, but some people call it as Temple of Ramesses, beloved by Amun. The construction of the temple took 20 years to complete. It began in 1264 BC.

Facts about Abu Simbel 8: Abu Simbel

There was a legend about the rediscovery of the temple covered by sand. The legend states that a young local boy guided the people to rediscover and dig the temple again. He was called Abu Simbel. Therefore, the temple is also called Abu Simbel.

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel

Facts about Abu Simbel 9: flood

The flood is one of the major problems for Abu Simbel temple. In 1967, the statue of Ramses the Great was moved from the temple to avoid flood.

Facts about Abu Simbel 10: The Mummy Returns

You can find out the images of the temple shown in the popular movie, The Mummy Returns in 2001.

Facts about Abu Simbel

Facts about Abu Simbel

Are you impressed with facts about Abu Simbel?

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