10 Facts about Abuja

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Facts about Abuja inform you with the capital city of Nigeria. Have visited Abuja before? This city is interesting to visit since you can learn about the history, culture and nice places. You can socialize with the local people to get to know more about their ways of living. Check out facts about Abuja below:

Facts about Abuja 1: interesting events

There are many interesting events conducted in evening time. You can enjoy one street carnival around October or November. Other events that you can enjoy in Abuja include conferences and business fairs.

Facts about Abuja 2: high cost of living

Living in Abuja can cost you a lot of money.  The land in the city is very expensive. Therefore, people have to spend a lot of money for paying their rent. There is no need to wonder that the cost of clothing, food and other items are very expensive here. Find out another famous city in the world in Abu Dhabi facts.

Abuja Pic

Abuja Pic

Facts about Abuja 3: the capital city

Abuja is situated in the center of Nigeria. It is the capital city in the country. In 1980s, the city was built as a part capital territory. On 12 December 1991, it was selected as the official capital city. It was used to replace the previous capital city, Lagos.

Facts about Abuja 4: population

The city was inhabited by 776,298 people based on 2006 census.  The most populous city is Lagos.  But Abuja can make it to the list of one of 10 most populous cities in the country.

Abuja images

Abuja images

Facts about Abuja 5: geography

If you come to Abuja, you need to see a monolith created by water erosion. It has the size at 400 meter. People call it Aso Rock. Some important places spanning on the southern area of the rock include Supreme Court, National Assembly, and Presidential Complex. Another rock is Zuma Rock. It is situated on the northern part of Abuja which has the size at 729 meters.

Facts about Abuja 6: interesting places

Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport is one of the most important transportations here. Other interesting places include Nigerian National Christian Centre and Nigerian National Mosque. Check out another interesting place in Abingdon facts.

Abuja Pic

Abuja Pic

Facts about Abuja 7: suburban districts

There are five suburban districts in Abuja. Those are Jukwoyi, Kubwa, Gwagwalada, Karu and Nyanya.

Facts about Abuja 8: Garki District

If you check out the southwest corner of Abuja, you can spot Garki District.  There are several units inside Garki District.

Abuja Travel

Abuja Travel

Facts about Abuja 9: Radio House

Radio House is the tallest building in Garki District. The Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria and the Federal Ministry of Information and Communications are located here.

Facts about Abuja 10: climate

Can you guess the climate in Abuja? It is included as the city with dry and tropical wet climate.

Facts about Abuja

Facts about Abuja

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