10 Facts about Acapulco

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Facts about Acapulco provide the information about the relaxing city in Mexico. You can find out different landscape in Acapulco. It also has various kinds of entertainment which will make you want to stay here all of the time. You can find out the modern amenities in the city but it still presents the authentic Mexican taste. Get facts about Acapulco here:

Facts about Acapulco 1: location

It is very easy to reach Acapulco from the popular city centers in Mexico. You just have to take Mexico 95, Mexico 200 and Mexico 58 to reach the city. Actually Acapulco is located on the western side of Mexico.

Facts about Acapulco 2: landscape

Acapulco is a good destination for it is filled with great landscapes. You can check out the mountainous coastal regions, sandy beaches and nice forests.

Acapulco Mexico

Acapulco Mexico

Facts about Acapulco 3: staying in Acapulco

If you decide to stay in Acapulco, there are many choices for the hotels, inns and vacations rentals. You can find them in inland or even in oceanfront property. If you only have limited budget, you have to stay in the inland hotels.

Facts about Acapulco 4: special amenities

When you stay in a hotel, you can find out many special amenities. Most of them feature restaurants, pools, multiple bedrooms, and spas. Get information about another luxury amenity in Abu Dhabi facts.

Acapulco Pictures

Acapulco Pictures

Facts about Acapulco 5: the famous tourist resort

Acapulco is famous as the biggest tourist resort in Mexico. The location of this city is the tropic of Cancer. It is the largest city in the state of Guerrero.

Facts about Acapulco 6: distance from the big cities

Acapulco is around 133 km or 83 miles from Chilpancingo, the capital of Guerrero state. It is located 385 km or 239 miles from Mexico City. Check out anther interesting destination in Acadia national park facts.

Acapulco Resort

Acapulco Resort

Facts about Acapulco 7: bays

You can find out two primary bays in Acapulco: the bay of Puerto Marqués and the bay of Santa Lucia. The latter one is often called as Acapulco Bay. It is measured 3 km from north to south and 5 km from east to west.

Facts about Acapulco 8: Sierra Madre Del Sur Mountains

Sierra Madre del Sur mountains are great to view in Acapulco. It is located around Acapulco Bay.

Facts about Acapulco

Facts about Acapulco

Facts about Acapulco 9: population

Based on the census in 2000, the city was inhabited by 620,656 people.

Facts about Acapulco 10: entertainment

There are many kinds of activities that you can do here. Rather than having a party at the night club, you can enjoy shopping, horsebackriding, exploring sea and watching bullfighting.



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