10 Facts about Accenture

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Facts about Accenture elaborate the detail information about one of the biggest companies in the world based in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. This company focuses on multinational management consulting, outsourcing and technology services. Check out more facts about Accenture in the following post below:

Facts about Accenture 1: the consulting firm

Accenture is famous as the largest consulting firm if you take a look at it by the revenue. Do you know that it collects $30.0 billion net revenue in 2014? Therefore, you do not need to wonder if it is included in a Fortune Global 500 company.

Facts about Accenture 2: employees

With such high revenue, can you guess the number of employees in the Accenture? This company hires at least 305,000 workers. The company has 35,000 employees in Philippine. In United States, it hires at least 40,000 employees. Compared to any other countries in the world, Accenture in India has more employees.

accenture at night

Accenture at night

Facts about Accenture 3: the clients

Accenture can get a lot of revenue because it serves many clients in more than 200 cities in 56 countries.

Facts about Accenture 4: New York Stock Exchange

If you check out New York Stock Exchange, Accenture is listed under the Accenture common equity, CAN.  On 5 July 2011, it was included in S&P 500 index.

Accenture Company

Accenture Company

Facts about Accenture 5: history

Accenture was originated as a business and technology division under the accounting firm of Arthur Anderson.  The installation of a UNIVAC I computer and printer was recommended by Arthur Anderson to General electric company. The company wanted to create an automate payroll processing and manufacturing. In 1954, the recommendation of Anderson became the first commercial computer installation in the country.

Facts about Accenture 6: Joe Glickauf

Joe Glickauf has worked in Arthur Anderson Company for almost 12 years. His position on the firm was as the head of the administrative division. He was famous as the first computer consultant.

Accenture Facts

Accenture Facts

Facts about Accenture 7: split

The split occurred between Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting. Both decided to part away in 1989. Andersen Consulting changed its name into Accenture on 1 January 2001. It seems that changing the name of the company is fortunate for them. Get another company information in facts about Aardman animations here.

Facts about Accenture 8: name

The word Accenture was an acronym from Accent on the future. The name Accenture was suggested by Kim Petersen in an internal competition. He was a Danish worker from Oslo Company.

Accenture Pictures

Accenture Pictures

Facts about Accenture 9: IPO

The initial public offering or IPO was suggested by Accenture for the first time on 19 July 2001 in NYSE. The price per share was $14.50.

Facts about Accenture 10: the first day IPO

Accenture got $1.7 billion on the first day of IPO. Find out facts about Abercombrie and Fitch here.



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