10 Facts about Accordions

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One of the most traditional musical instruments in explained in Facts about Accordions.  Many people believe that the basic form of accordion was invented in 1822 in Berlin. If you want to get the best accordion, you have to choose the hand made one. It is more expensive than the fabricant accordion, but it can produce wonderful quality of sound. Check out other facts about accordion in the following post:

Facts about Accordions 1: how to maintain accordions

If you have a full handmade accordion, you have to keep it in the right place. Do you know that wax is used to assemble accordion?  Thus, you have to place it in a conditioned air. The consistency of wax in the accordion will change if the air is too cold or too hot. You can keep it at the room temperature at 45 degree or 85 degree.

Facts about Accordions 2: wax

Wax plays an important part when people want to create a full handmade accordion.  There are several areas containing wax such as mount keys pads, bass sides, and treble.

Accordion Players

Accordion Players

Facts about Accordions 3: storing Accordions

When you store the accordions at home, ensure that the position is right. Don’t place it in flat position. You can to sit the accordion in its playing position.

Facts about Accordions 4: what is accordion?

This musical instrument is made in a box shape. Call the person who played the accordion as the accordionist. You can check out the traditional musical instrument in aboriginal music facts.



Facts about Accordions 5: how to play

Playing the accordion is not easy. You have to expand or compress the bellows. At the same time, you have to press the keys or buttons.

Facts about Accordions 6: the right hand manual

In most cases, the players use their right hand to play the melody on the keys or the button.

Accordions Facts

Accordions Facts

Facts about Accordions 7: the left hand manual

The left hand manual is used when they want to create an accompaniment. It usually consists of pre set chord button as well as bass.

Facts about Accordions 8: accordions in the world

You can find out accordions in many countries in the world. It is one of the most popular musical instruments in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.



Facts about Accordions 9: folk music

In North America and Europe, accordion is mostly used to accompany the folk music and song. If you want to know unique way to sing, check out Acapella facts.

Facts about Accordions 10: San Francisco

San Francisco uses piano accordion as the official musical instrument.

Facts about Accordion

Facts about Accordion

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