10 Facts about Accounting

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Find out the adorable information about the famous accountant Walter E. Dimer in Facts about Accounting. This man was not only an accountant. He was also a good inventor. He invented some flavored bubbled gums. One of them was the combination of crunchers and gum chewers. Check out more facts about accounting by reading the following post below:

Facts about Accounting 1: Al Capone

Al Capone was the famous Chicago crime boss. It is not easy for the people to capture him. Do you know that the one who could bring the boss into jail was FBI accountants? He was captured because of the income tax evasion even though probably he had committed bootlegging and murder.

Facts about Accounting 2: tax code

In the last five years, the tax code has been expanded into more than one million words.

Accounting Facts

Accounting Facts

Facts about Accounting 3: celebs

Actually there are some celebrities who got their education as an accountant. But they decide to leave it and pursue their status as a celebrity. Those include the famous author John Grisham, and singer Janet Jackson.

Facts about Accounting 4: bookkeeper and bookkeeping

Both words of bookkeeper and bookkeeping are unique words in English.  You can only find the English words with 3 consecutive couple letter in both words.

Accounting Pictures

Accounting Pictures

Facts about Accounting 5: a good job

If you want to have a prospective job, you can be an accountant.  60 percent of the taxpayers in the world seek the help from the accountants to know their own return. Therefore, you will never be a jobless person as long as you have skill.

Facts about Accounting 6: the word accountant

The word accountant was derived from the word compter. It was a French word. The meaning of computer is to score or count. Then the letter p was eliminated from the compter over the time.

Accounting Staff

Accounting Staff

Facts about Accounting 7: the Romans

Do you know that the Romans were very obsessed with record keeping? The military based created a detail account on the items saved there. They paid attention to the number of nails stores in the workshop as well as the stored grain.

Facts about Accounting 8: The Father of Modern Accounting

Can you guess the Father of Modern Accounting? He is Luca Bartolommeo de Pacioli. He was famous as an Italian Franciscan friar and Mathematician. In 1494, he created his first book about double entry bookkeeping. Find out the traditional tool to count in Abacus facts.



Facts about Accounting 9: FBI

Actually there are at least 1,400 accountants working for FBI.

Facts about Accounting 10: CPA

CPA is the first certified public accountant exam in 1896 given by state of New York.

Facts about Accounting

Facts about Accounting

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