10 Facts about Achilles

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Facts about Achilles tell you about the famous Greek hero. If you check out his family, you will be a bit confused because he had a very complicated family tree. This mythological hero was the son of a Nereid named Thetis. If you want to know more detail information about Achilles, check out the following post below:

Facts about Achilles 1: father

Who is the father of Achilles? His father was Peleus. This man was famous as a skilled and fearless soldier. He was the mortal king of Myrmidons.

Facts about Achilles 2: mortality

His mother was worried about Achilles’ mortality. She did anything to make him immortal. She made the young Achilles dunked in River Styx and burned him over a fire. There is no need to wonder that Achilles was very famous with his strength and invulnerability.

Achilles Brad Pit

Achilles Brad Pit

Facts about Achilles 3: Achilles heel

Achilles heel is a famous term. Can you tell me the meaning? When you want to describe the fatal weakness of a powerful person, you can use the term Achilles heel.

Facts about Achilles 4: the prophecy

The prophecy tells that Achilles will die in a battle against the Trojan. A seer made this prediction when Achilles was only 9 years old. Hearing about it, his mother was a worried and made him live in Aegean Island of Skyros.

Achilles Pic

Achilles Pic

Facts about Achilles 5: joining the great army

He decided to join the Greek army after he realized that he wanted to be a great warrior. Then he left Skyros to pursue his dream.

Facts about Achilles 6: Hephaestus

Since his mother was very worried about Achilles, she asked Hephaestus, a divine blacksmith to give him shield and a sword which made him safe. If you check out the story of Achilles in Homer, you can find out that Achilles is a great hero who has courage and superhuman strength. If you are interested to find out another mythological story, check out Aboriginal dream facts here.

Achilles Statue

Achilles Statue

Facts about Achilles 7: the Trojan War

The Trojan War occurred between the Trojans and Achaeans. The war occurred because Paris a young boy who became the judge of a beauty contest got a bribe from Aphrodite that she will gave him the most beautiful wife in the world. The lady that Paris liked was Helen. Actually Helen was already married to Menelaus, a king of Sparta. Paris got Helen’s heart when he came to Sparta and took her away.

Facts about Achilles 8: Menelaus

Menelaus was angry after Helen was taken away by Paris to Troy. He vowed revenge and collected all Greek warriors to fight Troy and took his wife again. The war lasted for a very long time. If you check out Homer Telling, it lasted for 10 years. One of the great warriors fighting for Menelaus was Achilles and his Myrmidons.



Facts about Achilles 9: leader

Achilles was the leader in the war. He was successful to combat in the battle.

Facts about Achilles 10: death

The legend stated that Achilles was killed by Paris. His shoot the only vulnerable spot of Achilles, his heels.

Facts about Achilles

Facts about Achilles

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