10 Facts about Achondroplasia

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Facts about Achondroplasia give you the information of the most common type of short limbed dwarfism. This condition makes the people have short stature. The risk of having Achondroplasia is 1 in 15,000 to 40,000 newborn babies. Check out more explanation of Achondroplasia below:

Facts about Achondroplasia 1: the parents

The posture of parents contributes to the occurrence of Achondroplasia.  The report states that 80 percent of the newborn babies with Achondroplasia have the parents with average sized body.

Facts about Achondroplasia 2: height of adults female

The adult female with Achondroplasia has the height around 4 feet and 1 inch or 124 cm. The adult male with Achondroplasia has the height at 4 feet and 4 inches or 131 cm.

Achondroplasia Facts

Achondroplasia Facts

Facts about Achondroplasia 3: Characteristics

Let’s find out the characteristics the people with Achondroplasia. Besides having short height, they have short arms, short legs and average sized trunks. They often have an enlarged head.  This condition is called macrocephaly. The forehead is prominent. The elbow has limited range of motion.  The upper arms and thighs are very short.

Facts about Achondroplasia 4: normal intelligence

Achondroplasia only affects the size of the body, but the intelligence is not influenced here. The people with Achondroplasia still have normal intelligence. If you know to about people’s sexual health, check out facts about abstinence.

Achondroplasia Image

Achondroplasia Image

Facts about Achondroplasia 5: health problems

There are some common health problems faced by the people with Achondroplasia. They experience apnea, a condition which makes them breathe slowly and stop for a short period. The risk of having ear infection is high in Achondroplasia people.

Facts about Achondroplasia 6: treatment

The cause of mutation of Achondroplasia has been found.  But the scientists have not found any treatment.

Achondroplasia Pictures

Achondroplasia Pictures

Facts about Achondroplasia 7: human growth hormone

If you think that human growth hormone can help the people with Achondroplasia, you are wrong. It can do nothing to help Achondroplasia people.

Facts about Achondroplasia 8: detection

You can use the prenatal ultrasound when you want to detect Achondroplasia before the birth of baby.



Facts about Achondroplasia 9: diagnosis

To find out whether a person has Achondroplasia or not can be conducted through a skeletal survey Check out the shape of the skull. Usually it is large, but it has small skull base.

Facts about Achondroplasia 10: double jointed

Most people with Achondroplasia are double jointed. It is due to the fact that the people have deformed bone structure.

Facts about Achondroplasia

Facts about Achondroplasia

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