10 Facts about Acid Rain

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Let’s talk about a natural phenomenon in Facts about Acid Rain. Acid rain occurs because the rain contains the elevated hydrogen ion level. Since the rain is very acidic, people call it as acid rain. The rain has the low pH because of the elevated level of hydrogen ions. There is no need to wonder if the steel building corrodes, and the stone and bridge sculptures. It can destroy the plants and aquatic animals too. Check out more facts about acid rain by reading the following post below:

Facts about Acid Rain 1: formation acid rain

How does the acid rain form?  When nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide have a reaction with atmospheric water, it produces the acid rain.

Facts about Acid Rain 2: the awareness of the people

People became aware with the negative effect of pollution in 1600s. But they began to relate the acid rain and atmospheric pollution in 1842 in Manchester, England. Then the government decides to decrease the pollution.

Acid Rain Cycle

Acid Rain Cycle

Facts about Acid Rain 3: production of acid rain

Acid raid can come naturally because of the burning coal, volcanic eruption and rotting plant life. The skin will never rot. But it can make you smell bad. Compared to the normal rain, it tastes bad.

Facts about Acid Rain 4: disease

The acid rain is very dangerous to the health of the people.   The rain is not dangerous, but the air can make people experience asthma, cancer and heart disease.

Acid Rain Facts

Acid Rain Facts

Facts about Acid Rain 5: the car or motorcycle

When you drive in the rain with your car, you have to wash as soon as you come home and park it inside the garage. The paint job on the car will be damaged if it is affected by the rain. However, the acid rain will never molten the car.

Facts about Acid Rain 6: acid rain and natural environment

The natural environment can be affected by the acid rain. Do you believe that acid rain can kill a forest? Perhaps, you do not believe, but actually it can. The acid rain can kill the leaves of the trees. When the leaves are dead, the light and nutrient supply is cut off.

Acid Rain Pictures

Acid Rain Pictures

Facts about Acid Rain 7: the soil

The condition of the soil will be decreased if acid rain affects by the soil.  If the soil is not fertile, the plants cannot grow.

Facts about Acid Rain 8: toxic water

If the acid rain drops on the rivers, lakes and streams, it can affect the fish and other fresh water animals there. The water becomes toxic.

Acid Rain

Acid Rain

Facts about Acid Rain 9: pH

The perfect balance of pH is 7. You can have it on pure water. The pH of acid rain is 4.3. The pH is similar with the orange juice and vinegar.

Facts about Acid Rain 10: acid

Actually not only rain contains acid. You can also find it on dust, fog and snow. Find out facts about acetic acid here.

Facts about Acids and Bases

Facts about Acids and Bases

Are you impressed with facts about acid rain?

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