10 Facts about Acids

Wednesday, November 12th 2014. | Chemistry

Facts about Acids show you that most acids in the world are dangerous. When you deal with acids, you have to be careful with the dangerous characteristics. Acids can be found in the food that we eat every single day.  It is one of the most important chemicals in the world. The function of acids id not only for cleaning or making jewelry, but you can also use it for different purposes. Check out more acids facts below:

Facts about Acids 1: lactic acid

Do you know that milk contains acid? You can call it lactic acid.  To produce yogurt, the people will use the acid inside the mild.

Facts about Acids 2: the strongest acids

There are several examples of the strongest acids that you can find in the world.  Those include phosphoric acids, sulphuric acid and hydrochloric acid. Check out acetic acid facts here.

Acids Examples

Acids Examples

Facts about Acids 3: Aqua regia

Have you ever heard about aqua regia? This acid is very powerful and it can dissolve gold. The word is taken from the Latin language. The meaning of aqua regia is royal water. The liquid is produced by mixing concentrated hydrochloric acid and nitric acid.

Facts about Acids 4: vinegar

One of the main ingredients for salad dressing is vinegar.  It contains a lot of acid, but it will never put you in danger when you consume it. It can boost the digestive system in the body. Get facts about acids and alkalis here.

Acids Lemons

Acids Lemons

Facts about Acids 5: car batteries

The car batteries also contain acids. You can call it oil of vitriol.  You should avoid a direct contact with this oil of vitriol since it is a kind of sulphuric acid which can be dangerous for the health of human being.

Facts about Acids 6: burned skin

Handling the acid in laboratory should be done carefully. The strongest one has a very dangerous effect. It can burn the face and skin. If the acid is too strong, it can kill the person.

Acids Reactions

Acids Reactions

Facts about Acids 7: acid in stomach

Human being produces acid too inside the stomach.  It can be found inside the digestive system called as hydrochloric acid. The main function of the acid is to assist the digestion of the strong food content.

Facts about Acids 8: acid in beverage

The drinks that you can find in supermarket contain a lot of acids. Some of them include Pepsi, coca cola and Fizz.  The content is called as the carbonic acid. Thus, you should consume such drinks a lot.



Facts about Acids 9: vitamin C

The nature of vitamin C is acid. You can call it ascorbic acid. It can be found in lemons and oranges.

Facts about Acids 10: jewel making

The old look of some jewelry such as gold and silver can be renewed by using certain acids.

Facts about Acids

Facts about Acids

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